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Probably one of the oldest and most famous car brands and manufacturers in the world, Mercedes Benz now enjoys 120 successful years in the automobile industry. In 1883, their company was originally founded and was named Benz & Co. The real magic happened in 1886 when Karl Benz created (and patented) the very first gasoline-powered automobile. Come June of 1926, Mercedes Benz was formed, and slowly they become recognised for producing quality cars. During the 1950s, Benz vehicles started running on Australian soil. Shortly after, they formed Mercedes Benz Pty. Ltd. on the 30th day of July, 1958. Because of its popularity and sales achievements amidst the current competition (Jaguars, Rovers, Chevrolets, and Pontiacs), it successfully marketed the first Australian-built Mercedes Benz car in 1959

The new millennium marked the success of Mercedes Benz. As the company’s gratitude to all its clients all over the world, they produced an abundance of new Benz models (with complete total facelifts). It also developed a performance and sports car brand, which is the Mercedes-AMG, known for its unique selling proposition: “Driving Performance”. Their cars boast of their sporty proportions, power handling, superior torque, and exceptional efficiency, among others. Each of the cars’ engines is hand-crafted and assembled to perfection by a single technician. Currently, the brand still lives up to its name with the slogan “The Best or Nothing”. They continue to be the most popular brand of authentic dream cars in Australia, and worldwide.

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Sure, that Mercedes Benz was your ultimate dream car. Your symbol of success. Your baby. But no matter how hard you try to deny it, your Benz is no longer as glamorous, powerful, efficient, and roadworthy as before. So consider sending that once luxurious vehicle off with a proper goodbye instead of letting it just rot in your garage.

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Choose Total Car Collections. We are one of the best Mercedes Benz wreckers in the country. You are assured that only expert car wreckers, assessors, mechanics, and car removalists will handle your old baby, so there’s no need to worry. We will gladly take your Benz in no time and even pay you top cash for it, so you won’t feel too bad about letting it go. Decide now and reach our friendly and efficient staff . Enquire and get your free no-obligation quote now!

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