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You will benefit greatly from our cash for cars Coburg service. Whether you are after a car part or want to sell your old car in Coburg, Total Car Collections is here for you. We are your one stop car parts and car wrecking business, providing cash for trucks, cash for 4WDs and free car removal service. We give you instant cash for your car, no matter the make, model or condition. We take cars that nobody else wants from unused to unwanted junk that no longer has any more use as a car. Don’t let your car sit there and accumulate dust. Turn your old car collection into money in your pocket.


Old Car Collection


Do you have an old car collection? How about scrap cars and wrecked cars? You no longer need to get your junk car serviced and maintained if it’s costing you so much money. We are the best car buyer in Melbourne, so instead of keeping your scrap cars, turn them into cash. Our specialised ‘sell my 4×4‘, ‘sell my truck’, and ‘sell my car will ensure that your vehicles are assessed properly and that you will get maximum value from them. We are the car removal service provider that gives you maximum value for your vehicle.


Car Wreckers Melbourne


Looking for a service in the Coburg area that takes care of all your cash for cars needs? Total Car Collections is the service you can call on. If you reside in the Coburg area we will come direct to your doorstep and give you the best price for your car. If you need car wreckers, truck wreckers or people who will simple remove your scrap cars, don’t hesitate to contact us.
To find out more, take a look at our dedicated cash for cars page.




Car When You Sell It To A Car Wreckers Melbourne



JUST REACH US ON 0457 471 397

to get a free car valuation and arrange same day removal. You can also use the form on the Quotes page we’ll reply shortly.

Car Removal Coburg

Don’t worry about the condition or size of your car. Our car removal service caters to 4WDs as well as utes. We are known for being one of the best in the car wrecking business because of our free car removal service. It’s as easy as it sounds.

We have a team of professional car removal experts with all the necessary tools and tow trucks, to make it easier for you. We don’t charge you to have your car removed or towed away. We take all size, models and makes.
For more information, visit our car removal page.

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Sell my Car Coburg

We offer same day quotes for your car over the phone or via our online quotation form. Are you a customer that would prefer to have your car looked over by an expert in person? We also offer a free car valuation where we come to you. Coburg residents looking to sell their car for the best price have come to the right place.

If you know that you can get a good price for your vehicle due to its mileage, condition, model and year, then we can make you sure you receive instant top dollar for your car.
Want to find out more? Visit our sell my car page.

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Car Wreckers Coburg

Our wreckers will come to your location and make getting rid or your old, unused car quick, easy and hassle-free. 4WDs and utes are also a part of the service. We provide car wrecker service to all vehicle owners throughout the Coburg area. Do you have a car that is no longer being used? You have no time looking for cash buyers online? Then call us today. We will take scrap cars, recycle them and turn them into after market parts.
For more information, take a look at our car wreckers page.

Truck Wreckers Coburg

No truck is too old or unwanted. Think of the space you could free up with your truck gone – not to mention the instant cash you will receive upon pick up. If you think that your truck is too big for our wrecking service, then think again. We provide cash for trucks – no matter the size and the condition of the vehicle. We bring a tow truck and the man power required to take care of the entire process and you don’t need to help us.
For more information, visit our truck wreckers page.

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Online Enquiry Form

Please Fill the below form and get free quote for your car