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DAF Trucks, a Dutch manufacturing company headquartered in Eindhoven, is now a part of PACCAR, along with Leyland Trucks. The company was founded in 1928 by Hubert Doorne. They became Europe’s first supplier of container trucks and they concentrated on this industry until 1933. It was only until 1949 when they finally built their first truck in Holland. The rest is history – they even made cars and Lorries. During the ‘80s, they’ve had a bad reputation that DAF vehicles are slow. And so the company took the initiative to participate in car and truck racing and rallies. Upon learning Australia’s high demand for efficient large transportation, DAF trucks were introduced in the country in 1998. Since then, PACCAR Australia has been exclusively importing and selling DAF Trucks in the country.

Now, DAF still continues to play a major part in the country’s trucking industry. All their trucks here are specifically designed and built to suit Australia’s needs and conditions. No wonder they have received many awards including the Design Award in the Automotive and Transport Industry (2012) and even the International Truck of the Year (2002). They take great pride in making trucks that are truly for the welfare of the business owners and drivers. For the business owners/operators, they provide great fuel efficiency, superior performance because of less weight, lower operational costs, and less environmental impact. For the drivers, they prioritise giving them superb comfort, less distraction and stress, top-tier safety features, and easy handling. The trucks’ stylish yet sturdy design never compromise its reliability and safety. Through the years, they have been living up to their slogan by making sure their trucks are a “Smart Investment”.

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Even if DAF Trucks are promised to provide ultimate safety, economy, and convenience for its drivers and owners, there will still come a time when it is simply old, tired, and overused. Like all things, trucks will still eventually reach their end. And before it further becomes a liability to your business, let Total Car Collections help you. For over two decades, we have been helping businesses get rid of their DAF Trucks, regardless of age or condition. Our experts will gladly arrange a fast and efficient removal of your old truck. And to give you and your business additional income, we will pay you guaranteed good cash for trucks and other commercial vehicles that are no longer useful.

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