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Now owned by India’s Tata Motors (since 2008), Land Rover has continued to be the provider of the most iconic 4WD vehicles all over the world. It was Maurice Wilks of the Rover Company who has designed the very first Land Rover in 1947. The company, Land Rover Limited was established in 1978. Land Rovers were first seen in Australian soil by the end of 1948, marking its very first year of successful production. They were originally popular as vehicles of the Australian army, followed by the engineering and industrial sectors. During the 1960s up to the 1970s, all Land Rovers in Australia were manufactured in Enfield.

To date, its iconic tough and intrepid SUVs continue to delight its owners. The company is committed to developing driver assistance technologies and advanced safety features. They recently developed a remote control feature wherein the driver can easily and precisely control the car from his/her smartphone. Current models and variants boast of their highly efficient engines that provide smooth handling and dynamic performance. Apart from the Special Vehicle Operations, they currently market six vehicles in the country namely: the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport, and the All-new Discovery

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It is truly depressing and frustrating to see a once very powerful, proud and tough SUV such as the Range Rover age and deteriorate. So if you have one that has just been idly sitting in your garage for ages, let go of it now and save yourself from that heartache. Total Car Collections has some of the best Land Rover wreckers in Melbourne. And as one of the best 4WD wreckers in the country, we are here to make sure that every bit of your beloved vehicle is recycled, reused, and disposed in the most innovative and eco-friendly way.

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