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Car Removal Melbourne


Our same-day car removal service is FREE! We are the car wreckers who pay the best rate for your car. CONTACT US TODAY!

Car removal melbourne


Are you wondering about what to do with the wrecked car that sits in your garage taking up all the space?

Let us deal with it! Total Car Collections’ car removal Melbourne services is the best in town in taking care of scrape, wrecked, and rusted cars. We not only remove the vehicle from the site for FREE, but we also offer reasonable cash for it.

While most of the car removal companies charge you a hefty fee for hauling the car of your property, we pay you for doing so. We remove your unwanted and wrecked vehicles off your property without a fee and pay you up to $10000 top cash on the spot.

Why Choose Our Car Removal Services?

When you hire an ordinary car removal company, you need to pay a hefty fee for it. But, in case of our services, you can get rid of your old car by making some cash out of it. So, with our car removal services, you get

  • Peace of mind

  • Hassle-free same day pickup

  • Licensed and Certified Car Removal service in Melbourne

  • Up to $10000 in cash for your old car

  • Safe and quick car removal from the site by professional staff

  • Properly documented car removal

  • Immediate approval of vehicle of any type and make.

Car Removal Services On-Time

Car removal services in Melbourne are offered by us on time and by giving value to your time. We provide you with quick response and an easy way or steps to follow:

Request a quote now
1. Call Us or Send a Mail

For car removal services, feel free to call us or send us a mail or request a quote

Free removal and hauling service
2. Quick Response

We ensure you will get quick response for you r query for car removal

Cash on spot
3. Instant Cash

We offer you instant cash for car removal

How Our Car Removal Melbourne Services Work?

So, the next question is that how does our car removal program work. We assure our clients that it is super easy and super quick. They can get rid of their wrecked vehicle with hard cash in hand without any hassle.

It all begins when you call Total Car Collections and speak to our courteous and knowledgeable staff. Or you can write to us through our contact us page and can expect a call back soon. We need answers to some simple questions like the manufacturer of your vehicle, vehicle type, private or commercial asset, year, and model.

Once we have all the relevant information about your vehicle, we can offer you a price. Sometimes, we need to inspect the car to ascertain its value. We decide a mutually agreeable amount with our clients.

We schedule the pickup at the given time and the day as per your convenience. You can even avail our same day pick up and car removal Melbourne service.

Finally, we remove and tow your car away from the given pickup address and hand over the cash to you right there.

Which Vehicles Do We Accept?

The simplest and the most accurate answer to this question is that whichever vehicle you have. We accept all makes, types and years of the car and always strive to offer a fair price for it. Whether it is a fifty-year-old Toyota Sedan or a decade old 4wd Ford, we can get it removed from your property immediately.

We provide car removal services in Melbourne and its surroundings for almost all kinds of vehicles whether it is registered or unregistered or private or commercial. It is not necessary for the car to be in drivable condition to get it removed from your property. When you contact Total Car Collections’ car removal services, we send a tow truck and all the relevant equipment to your address.

So, even if your car is just a skeleton of iron and steel, we still buy it and pay you money against it.


The only cash for cars service you need when selling your car

Who Takes Care of the Paperwork?

When you want a car removed from the property, you need some paperwork. So, who takes care of that paperwork? If you hire Total Car Collections’ car removal experts, you do need to worry about documentation and paperwork; we take care of it.

You need to show us an identity of proof such as your driving license, social security card or passport. The law also requires you to present the car’s ownership documents or registration. But, at times it is difficult to pull out the papers of a vehicle that is fifty years old. But, you need not worry. We can take care of all the paperwork for you and that too for FREE.

Along with our car removal Melbourne service, our paperwork consultation service is also free for our clients.


We will beat all other genuine offers for your car and will provide absolutely free car removal, tow away and pick up. Our customers come to us time and time again because we get the job done quickly and hassle free. Many of our customers refer us to their friends and families because they are genuinely pleased with our fast and professional service.

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