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Cash for Cars in Melbourne


Get upto $9999 Instant Cash For Cars and Absolutely Free Car Pickup!

Cash for cars in melbourne

Do you want to sell your unwanted or junk car for quick cash?

We make it happen with our Cash for Cars Melbourne services. Do not let your used or junk cars sit there like rubbish when you can make up to $10,000 cash from it.

Whether it is a car, SUV, wagon or truck, we can buy it from you for cash at top price instantly. Total Car Collections is among the leading car wreckers providing its premier cash for cars services in Melbourne and its suburbs. There is no restriction of make and model, and we buy cars of any year, make and model without any delay. Offering up to $10000 in cash for your used and junk cars, we have the same day pickup services for our customer.

No matter where your car is parked, whether it is an office location, residential property or a commercial parking lot, we can arrange pickup in Melbourne or its suburbs for FREE

Sell Your Car for Cash in Three Easy Steps

We understand that our customers demand ease and convenience. At Total Car Collections, you can sell your unwanted car in just three quick steps. There is no long wait or complicated documentation, it is as easy as 1, 2,3 and done!

So, if you are looking to sell your car for some big cash, follow these steps.

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1. Get Free Quote

Pick up your phone and call (03) 7023 1498 and talk to our informed and courteous staff. Answer simple questions about make, year, and model to get a free quote. Alternatively, you can fill our contact us form and write down the car details; one of our representatives will get back to you with a free quote

Free removal and hauling service

2. Schedule Pick Up

In the next step, tell us the pickup address of the car and schedule the pickup at a time and day that is convenient for you. We provide same day pickup as well as offer a flexible pickup schedule according to your convenience. So, just tell us where the car is, and we will get it from there for the cash.

Cash on spot

3. Get Paid

Get paid for your vehicle instantly on the spot. You do not need to wait for weeks or even days for getting your money because we pay cash for the cars right there. What is even better is that there are no hidden charges such as towing fee or removal fee and you get paid the promised amount.


There are many other car wreckers in Melbourne, but what makes us stand apart is our commitment to our clients, fair pricing, and one of the highest top cash. Here is why our cash for cars service is the best in Melbourne

Eligible for All Cars: When we say all vehicles, we mean it. We buy all registered, non-registered, commercial, private, junk, accidented, and old cars. No questions asked!

Free Pickup: We offer free pickup to our clients within the 100km radius of Melbourne.

Free Removal: We do not charge any removal fee from our clients whether it is a commercial site or a residential site.

Hassle-Free Service: Our services are hassle-free, convenient and reliable. There are no hiccups to waste your time.

Free of Cost Paperwork: We provide free of cost assistance in completing paperwork and offer the free inspection of the car.

Instant Cash Payments: When you avail our cash for cars Melbourne services, you get paid on the spot. No delay!

No Hidden Charges: When we say no hidden charges, we mean it. We pay you in full what we have agreed upon mutually.


The only cash for cars service you need when selling your car

Things We Need in Cash for Car Melbourne services

What makes us stand apart from other car wreckers in Melbourne is overall ease of our process. We do not ask for irrelevant or extra-detailed documents from our client.

All you need to do is to show us the proof of ownership and the car keys to seal the deal with us. What is even better is the fact that we are always willing to help you out with the paperwork.

  • Proof of Identity: it can be any document with your picture and credentials on it be it a passport, driving license or anything else.

  • Car Keys: This is obvious. We need car keys to remove it from the property.

  • Registration Details: When we are buying a car from you, we require documents or proof, i.e. registration documents.

Things We Do Not Need

In our cash for car services, we do not need the Roadworthy Status to buy your car. So, you do not need to worry about it. We do not need anything that is your property such as your car’s keychain, sunglasses, and any of your music collection.

So, if you have a junk car sitting in your garage or parked in your office lot, it is time to make cash out of it with our cash for cars Melbourne service. Why wait up when you can get instant cash! Pick up your phone and dial (03) 7023 1498.

Car wreckers melbourne accepts all makes and models

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