Car Wreckers Melbourne – Type Of Car Inquiries That Car Wreckers Get In Melbourne.

Type of car inquiries that car wreckers get in Melbourne.

Car wrecking business is going strong in Australia especially in Melbourne. Sydney and Brisbane also have fast paced market for used cars, but for the old cars buying and wrecking Melbourne’s market is very competitive. In the recent post we covered what exactly car wreckers do with the car that they buy from you. Now we are going to show you few case studies with the types of car inquiries in Melbourne car wreckers.selling your car in Melbourne

As we listed before there are certain key phrases which car owners search online to sell off or in other words get rid of their old scrap cars. Now each phrase have a different meaning and will result in different type of quote.

Car Removal

For instance a person searching for “car removal” knows that his car is not driveable and it will take more than a jumper cable to get it moving. It can also have some more serious faults which will take loads of money to first tow it to the mechanic and then getting it fixed.

The other reason of searching for this key phrase is that car is sitting in the garage for many months or for some cases years. Moreover the car is pretty old modelled as well, car owners understand that there is no point of spending a fortune on this car.

Please do remember most of the car wreckers have tow trucks and provide absolutely free car removal, but they do incur cost on providing it which can be upto $100- $150 per car removal. So if they are giving you $600 for your old Toyota, it would mean it would cost then around $750. More over the market is so competitive that they have to reduce their own margins to provide you best quote. Else some other wrecker will take your car.

Other phrases people search with car removal are “scrap car removal”, “old car removal”, “junk car removal”. Moreover to become more specific suburb name is also added, like “car removal Melbourne” or “car removal Geelong”.

Car Wreckers

Car owners search for “Car Wreckers” more in 2 particular scenarios as per our experience. First when the car had an accident and it is either written off or the mechanic and panel beaters have given a very big quotation. In the case of total loss, insurance companies usually covers the car owner but if the fault Is car owner’s or full insurance is not available then car owner is in some serious wreckers Melbourne

The other scenario where car owners search for “car wreckers” is when they know that car model is pretty old, not in demand or the wear and tear is so much that no private buyer will buy this one. It means that they know the car is only worth for wrecking and that’s it.
Its not that car wreckers don’t pay enough for such cars. Considering all the headache and time saved in search for the right buyer, this is the best bet you can make.

Car owners usually just add suburb name with the phrase to get more specific results like “car wreckers Melbourne” or “car wreckers Geelong”.

Cash For Cars

This is one of the most searched phrase in Melbourne when somebody is selling his car. Cash for cars mean that someone wants to do a quick sale of its car. All sorts, make and models of car enquiries are made in this phrase. Car wreckers provide quotes considering following

  • Is the car good for re-sale or just good for wrecking
  • Is there any road worthy or rego with the car
  • Is the car make and model in demand, as you may know American cars like Jeep especially old models don’t have customers. One reason could be expensive parts.
  • In case of wrecking, is the car big or small, as its just metal in the eye of wreckers

It is a worthwhile deal especially when you have to make some improvements in the car before private sale or you have been waiting for a long time answering spam calls on Gumtree or Car Sales.

Car owners also add suburb name to make the search more relevant like “cash for cars Melbourne” or “Cash for cars Geelong”. Furthermore “cash for old cars” and “cash for scrap cars” is also widely searched phrase.

Sell My Car

Usually this phrase is searched by car owners which have late model cars 2006 and newer. Usually these cars have good market value and are good for reselling. One caution here is that most of the business that you will find through this key phrase will be like car sales or gumtree. So its like posting an ad and waiting for the buyer. There are few other companies which will take the car from you and pay you after selling it. So its not recommended to go after such companies. The best choice would be to look for car buying companies which give you instant quote and cash on the spot.

As per our experience its best to sell your car on the spot if the car is too old, not in demand, required money to be fixed or combination of any of those. Only go for a private sale if that is not the case.

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