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Car Buyer Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s leading car buyer. We buy all types, makes and model. Don’t waste time on a car-selling portal when a buyer is waiting for your car, with top cash ready to be in your hands. That is why our customers rate us as best car buyer Melbourne.

When you need an old car buyer service and you have a car that is scrap or junk, we will buy your car and also provide FREE car removal.

We come direct to your location and do all the work for you. Our experienced staff will come with the tow truck required to remove your car, as well as any other tools and man power that may be needed. That’s right! You just relax, let us do the rest and receive payment there and then at pick up.

It can be hard to come across a scrap car buyer in Melbourne that will not only provide a genuine, instant quote over the phone, but will also pay you more than any competitor.

Our reputation as a premier junk car buyer is known throughout the entire Melbourne regions, including Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.

There is no better time to get rid of your old car that’s just taking up room than NOW. There is no reason to let you car that is not working to either sit there or sit on a car ads sit, receiving no genuine return.

When other car wreckers give you a quote which is just for metal and parts, we provide you cash quote considering the value of the car. We only wreck cars which are totally not repairable or have been marked statutory write offs. For the car which still have road life left or are resell-able, we give premium quote. Car dealers don’t buy your car, they would be happy to place it on their showroom and make you wait for the ideal quote or till you say, “sell it at any price, i just need this gone”. We BUY CARS ON THE SPOT, no waiting time, instant cash payment, all paperwork done, easy, hassle-free sale.

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How We Buy a Car

Request a free quote by phone or through link

We assess the car value

Get paid on the spot at the time of pickup

Car valuation service

  • We give you an instant quote over the phone but if you feel your car is worth more, we offer a free car valuation service where one of our car experts will come to you, check your car and give you a quote based upon make, model, condition and mileage.
  • We guarantee a best cash quote. Rest assured we will beat any genuine cash quote offered by any other company. Don’t get tricked by services that quote you one price and come up with excuses to pay you less. We pay what we quote.
  • We are Melbourne’s highest paying car buyer, our quotes and services will prove this. Give us your best quote and we will either meet it or beat it just for you.

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Online Enquiry Form

Please Fill the below form and get free quote for your car