Preparations You Need to Do Before Taking Your Car to a Recycling Yard

  People who own vehicles that are too old, too rusty, too damaged, and simply too worn to function are left with just a few options in their hands. Because it’s kind of impossible to find a private buyer who would appreciate it and be willing to buy it from you, you can just either […]

5 Fluids You Should Always Check to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Regardless of your car know-how, experience, or skill level, anyone could pretty much do one of the most important things you should do as part of your car’s preventive maintenance. That is, to lift your hood and check the essential fluids. Doing so will enable your car to run smoothly on a regular basis, and […]

How and Why Should You Clean Your Car’s Engine Bay

If you are one of those self-confessed, die-hard, and true-blue car lovers, apart from the smooth gorgeous exteriors, there’s nothing more eye candy than a shiny and gleaming engine of a new car. You can easily tell a brand new one just by looking at its engine, right? Being in the cash for cars and […]

How to Replace Your Cars Air Filter

For a car’s engine to run efficiently, it needs air – CLEAN air that will be mixed with the fuel. So inferring from its name, it really doesn’t take a genius to know that the air filter is responsible for keeping the dirty stuff (that comes with the air) from getting into the engine. When […]

The Most Historical Cars in the World

They say that cars are one of the greatest and most brilliant human inventions of all time. We don’t know anyone who actually believes otherwise. Besides, no one could imagine how our lives will be without any kind of car that we could use. Total Car Collections has been in the automotive industry for over […]

5 Most Misunderstood Facts About Car Removals

The car removals and wrecking industry has been in Australia for many decades now; longer than Total Car Collections has ever been in the business. But given that fact, it is kind of saddening to know that many people still do not understand many things about car removal services. Because of those misconceptions, even if […]

20 Fun Facts About Car Removal and Wrecking

Total Car Collections has been part of the car removal Melbourne industry for more than two decades. And up until now, there are still some people who simply have no idea about what we do and why we do it. Apparently, those that who do know about car wreckers Melbourne, just happened to know us […]

10 Quick Tips About Car Safety

Statistics show that 1 out of 4 drivers experience car breakdowns, accidents, and other unfortunate incidents on the road. And according to experts, most of these happen because of human error and negligence. So whether you’re just going to the office, the mall, or out of town, it never hurts to be extra safe on […]

Why Proper Tyre Inflation is Important

Some think that if there’s any part of the car that is more important than the engine, it’ll be the tyres. As it the one that comes into direct contact with the road, it is technically the most tired of all. Thus, poor maintenance of your car’s tyres can significantly lead to catastrophic auto situations. […]

How to Avoid Overloading Your Car

Road trips with family and mates are sure lots of fun. It’s sort of a tradition for most Aussies. However, being all giddy and excited, it’s so easy to get carried away packing all your stuff for that fun trip. From the food and drinks, camping gear, games, and bags, most likely, you would bring […]

Things You Must Do Right After a Car Accident

Car crashes, fender benders, and all other kinds of car accidents are indeed stressful events that we try our very best to avoid. Even the most skillful and cautious drivers could get involved in one at some point in their driving lives. Unfortunately, these unexpected events happen in the blink of an eye. And once […]

The Biggest Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying a Car

Planning to buy a car anytime soon? Well, apart from getting your own house, buying a car is probably one of the biggest decisions and investments that you have to make even at least once in your life. But even so, the experience need not be scary or stressful. Like all car buyers, whether first […]

The Worst Pieces of Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Broken Cars

A car with broken parts or a vehicle that is hardly working sure is a handful. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and even money. With that, it’s hard not to get help or advice from other people like our family, mates, colleagues, or even fellow car enthusiasts. Except if they’re professional auto […]


Total Car Collections has been in the cash for cars Melbourne for more than two decades now. In those 20 years in the automotive history of Australia, we have seen all kinds and brands of car models come and go. Just because a certain car is faster, more modern, or has more unique exteriors, it’ll […]


Some people consider buying a car as their biggest investment or greatest achievement in their lives. They saved up for it with their hard-earned money. They allot their time and a “regular” portion of their disposable income to clean and maintain their cars properly. But just in one instance, all of their blood, sweat, and […]

How to Prevent Your Cars From Getting Rusts

Car rust is a common issue for car owners; especially for those who are really obsessed about their baby’s bodywork and exteriors. And whether your car is new or old, there is no vehicle that will be exempted from oxidation and corrosion damage. That reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide forms when iron […]

6 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Most parts of Melbourne experience wet weather ever now and then. While drinking a cup of hot chocolate or singing might be best when it’s raining, driving through it is not as pleasant. Whether it’s a light drizzle or an outrageous downpour, it is a total hassle, not to mention, dangerous. Aside from having poor […]

How to Diagnose and Fix Brake Issues

The parts of your car that help you to stop are of same significance as those parts that make you move. No matter how fast a particular vehicle is, nobody would ever want to drive or ride it if its brakes are not working properly. As our car brakes contribute mainly to our safety, we […]


Most of us, if not all, have poured our hearts, souls, sweat, and finances into buying and maintaining our old cars. So naturally, we would want to keep, use, and take advantage of it for as long as we could. But in case that dreadful time comes when it’s wiser to get a new one […]

Things that ruin your car’s paint

Nothing beats seeing your car nice, smooth, and shiny – whether it’s fresh from the dealership, an auto shop, or a car washing and detailing centre. They say when you look good on the outside, you’ll feel better on the inside. That can also be true when we’re talking about our cars. The more beautiful […]


Today, it’s a good thing that people are getting more and more concerned about caring for the environment. Not only in Australia, but all around the world, we see different kinds of efforts towards sustainable living – that includes even the way how people choose which cars to buy. They do not only go for […]

7 Tips for Kid-proofing Your Car

Some say that you can totally tell whether a person is single or already a parent just by looking at his/her car. Well, there’s no specific explanation for it, but that can totally make sense. Usually in a family car, you may see pieces of toys left behind, crumbs of food (different kinds), crumpled napkins […]

Why Does My Car Air Conditioning Smell?

Whenever we talk about driving and riding comfort, the car’s air conditioning system is probably one of the first things that will pop into our minds. It helps make our ride cool and comfy especially when we’re on the road during those hot summer days. How? Well, it simply whisks away the heat and draws […]


Driving sure is fun; but it can also bring us imminent danger. Whether you’re in a brand new or an old car, heading off to a long trip or just going on with your daily routine, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being too prepared for any kind of roadside emergency. Total Car Collections has […]

When Do You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil

As much as we don’t want to admit it, changing your car’s oil is one of the neglected or overlooked maintenance needs. Even if it is actually an easy and cheap thing to do, some car owners get away by delaying this at least once in their vehicle’s lifetime. We all understand how important healthy […]

How Can I Find the Best Car Buyer?

All people who wish to sell their used cars probably have at least one thing in common: They dread waiting and finding THE ONE. The perfect car buyer. Of course, we are all for the earnings we’d get after the sale. But sometimes, there are some car owners who still care about who they’d be […]


Have you ever been to a petrol station that doesn’t have a tyre inflating area? We’re guessing not. That is because checking and maintaining your car tyres should AT LEAST be as often as filling up your vehicle with fuel. Gas stations understand how tyre maintenance greatly impacts you and your passengers’ safety on the […]


When one suddenly cuts you off, when you weren’t allowed to pass, when someone gets your parking space, when you are stuck behind a slow driver, or worse, when you are given the finger – these are the most common reasons why people get into a road rage. Traffic and road management experts say that […]

How To Choose The Right Car Mechanic

No matter how you love tinkling with your car’s parts, doing DIY repair projects, and getting your hands dirty, you’d have to admit that at some point, you’re going to need the help of a professional auto mechanic. Whether you’re in need of a basic oil change, serious engine repair, or some body work, choosing […]

What To Do If You Are Caught Speeding

People commonly feel the need for speed when they are late and impatient, when they are drunk, when they are agitated or in a bad mood, when some other driver bugs or pisses them off, or when they just really feel like it. But whatever your case may be, there could never be an acceptable […]

How To Prevent Car Theft

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, there are two kinds of auto crimes: theft FROM cars and theft OF cars. The first one pertains to car accessories and other things inside your vehicle being stolen either by breaking your windows or by picking your door locks. The latter refer to stolen cars. We bet […]

Easy Ways to Care for Truck & Car Brakes

Deciding to drive a car that you know has brakes that don’t work isn’t crazy; it’s suicide. Car brakes are prone to fading because they’re often overheated and overused. And when they fade, they eventually lose their ability to stop the vehicle; and that’s a scenario you don’t want to happen. So if you want […]

Expert Tips on Scrap Car Removal

Owning an old car that’s still running but you rarely use could be totally different from having a broken-down vehicle that has been lying in your garage or backyard for months or even years. While the first one could be easier to sell to dealerships and private buyers, we couldn’t say the same for the […]

How Much Do I Need to Pay for Car Removal?

  The day of reckoning has come. You have finally decided to discard that junk car you’ve been keeping for so long. Quite a few options have come into mind – “I could sell my car, take it to a junk yard, donate it, etc.”  And as you fervently prepare for the removal of your […]

Why Selling Your Old Vehicle to Car Wreckers is A Smart Choice

“If I finally decide to sell my car now, what would be a wise thing to do?” How many of you have been struggling to answer this question for many times now? Are you still in that dilemma of choosing whether to trade in or sell your car? Being smart in selling an old vehicle(as […]

Common Car Engine Problems

Car engines are the most important part of any vehicle. They are designed to get the energy locked in the fuel and then convert it to mechanical and kinetic energy. In layman’s terms, without the engine, your car simply won’t move. With a healthy engine, the car will most definitely run smoothly and quietly, as […]

How Much Should I Get for My Old Truck?

Most business owners sell their trucks for a number of common reasons: It’s too old. It requires a lot of major repairs. It’s not working properly too often. And most of the time, it’s dangerous to get it on the road. You may think of bringing it to a junk yard; donating it; or selling […]

Who Should I Trust to Give Me the Best Price for My Car?

Are you planning to sell your car in order to buy a new one? Or are you selling just to get rid of an old vehicle that has been rotting in your garage? Whichever your reason is, we understand that one thing is certain. You want to sell your car at the best price possible. […]

Why Truck Removals Shouldn’t Be Done By Inexperienced Wreckers

Because of accidents and overuse, your truck gets seriously damaged; so you have no other choice but to stop using it. As time passes, it just rusts and rots away in a garage or some empty lot. And as much as you want to save it, (because purchasing it was such a big expense) keeping […]

Car Removal Melbourne: Why You Need Experts’ Help

We have to admit that removing an old or beat-up vehicle is simply stressful and troublesome; especially if you are dealing with one that’s totally wrecked. Moreover, deciding whether or not you need help from car removal specialists is kind of tricky. Well some people opt to take out the cars themselves instead of dealing […]

How To Find The Best Used Car Buyers In Melbourne

You have been meaning to sell your car that has been sitting and rusting inside the garage or in the backyard for donkey’s years. You have been stressed about that rustbucket for as long as you can remember. You have gone through the hassles of putting up flyers and print ads, offering deals to different […]

Characteristics Of A Good Car Wrecker

At last, you have finally decided to sell your car that has been rusting and rotting in your garage for who knows how long. You are also now convinced that it would be best if you would work with a good car wrecker instead of just taking it to a junk yard. And so, do […]

Cash For Cars – Ways To Maintain Car Value

Even if buying a car is a large purchase, they say that it isn’t an investment because you won’t be able get your money back; it won’t make you earn interest over time; and it depreciates fast. The only thing you can do is to sell your car in the future for a reasonable amount […]

Car Wreckers Melbourne – Tips to Get Maximum Cash for Cars Melbourne

So you have finally decided to sell that unused, wrecked, or scrap car in your yard. Sometimes we sell our old cars to get rid of clutter, lessen stress, or have peace of mind; but then the most common denominator of all is to get additional income from it. Whether you need cash to help […]

Cash for Car Melbourne: When Is the Proper Time To Sell Your Car

Our cars are our prized possessions because they symbolise our investments. Acquiring a car is an achievement for all of us, because it is never easy to get one. You have to be financially prepared not only for paying for it but also for the cost of maintaining its performance. You also need to prepare […]

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Dash Cam

Technology has changed the lives of people for the better. New inventions are continuously being introduced to the market and these inventions make our lives easier and more comfortable. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of dashboard cameras.   What are dashboard cameras and what can they do? Dashboard cameras are […]

Signs That Your Car Battery Could Fail Soon

A car battery is one of the most important parts of a car. In the sense, it is as important as the car engine, because without it, it is impossible to start the vehicle without having to push it from behind. It is the heart of the car and movement begins when car batteries function […]

Car Wreckers – 2006 VZ Holden Commodore

Now Wrecking : 2006 VZ Holden Commodore We are now wrecking 2006 Holden Commodore VZ for all types of body, engine and transmission parts. PARTS AVAILABLE! – ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION – TAIL LIGHTS AND HEADLIGHTS – SEATS AND SEAT BELTS – KEYLOCK SET – MIRRORS – HEADLIGHTS – DOORS – TYRES AND WHEELS ALL OTHER […]

Cash For Cars Melbourne – What happened to Jay’s Ute

What happened to Jay’s ute? Sell your cars fast, follow this advice Jay loved his Ford Falcon ute, as it both suited his style and his way of working. Being a professional plumber this old ute provided him with not only room, but also the style and comfort he was looking for. But arrival of […]

Now Wrecking Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004

Now Wrecking Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ one of the most comfortable and luxurious SUV to drive in Melbourne. We are now wrecking Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 2004 for parts. Please check the images below to see the condition of the Jeep. We are car wreckers and we bought this Jeep […]

Now Wrecking Ford Focus 2003

Now Wrecking – Ford Focus 2003 Ford Focus is one of Ford’s very much loved car in Australia, a small compact bundle of joy. We are wrecking Ford Focus in our Dandenong Yard. Call us or send us an enquiry if you need anything. Please see the photo belows for the parts you are looking […]

Donate Your Car To A Cause In Melbourne

Want to donate your car to a cause in Australia? There are several ways to donate to a good cause, you can contribute to a cause by paying cash, spending time in promoting or working on the cause or by donating your old not in use cars. There are many non for profit organizations in […]

Cash Cars Melbourne: Used Car Buying and Selling Dos and Don’ts

Used Car Buying and Selling Dos and Don’ts Being apart with your beloved car can be one of the hardest things to do, though you can always replace it with a new one. The same way in buying a used car, car buyers may also face some challenges while they are on the process of […]

Total Car Collections – Motoring Tips on Avoiding Bald Tyres and Wet Road Accidents

Accidents in Waiting – Motoring Tips on Avoiding Bald Tyres and Wet Road Accidents Are your tyres safe for travelling? Are you sure that it can keep you safe on the wet roads? Bald tyres and wet roads are potential accidents that you can encounter. It is just there lurking and waiting to happen. We […]

Cash For Cars Melbourne – 8 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle- Checklist

8 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle- Checklist Quality maintenance care on your car is necessary to keep it on the run. Well, you don’t have to ask help from professionals for maintaining your car because you can do it your own. Definitely, you can save a large amount of money by doing basic […]

Car Buyers Melbourne – Used Car Buying and Selling Dos and Don’ts

Being apart with your beloved car can be one of the hardest things to do, though you can always replace it with a new one. The same way in buying a used car, car buyers may also face some challenges while they are on the process of searching for the best option for cars. Like […]

Car Removal Service Melbourne – 5 Simple Solutions to Increase your Cars Gas Mileage

Hear from the experts: Increase your Cars Gas Mileage The price of gas today is in a continuous flight upward. To protect our pocket, we only have the fuel mileage to depend on. Increasing it is the only way. For most owners of a vehicle, gas mileage is a major expense they would prefer to […]

Car Buyers Melbourne – How to Maintain your Car to Survive Australia’s Summer

Car Maintenance Tips As summer approaches, we are all definitely busy planning our summer getaway, be it with friends or with the family. With your car with you, driving in different parts of the country will be a leisure time for you. However, as you drive under the Australian heat, it might be lethal for […]

Car Buyers Melbourne – Have you Decided to Sell Off Your Car?

Selling off cars in Melbourne Are you ready to part ways with your old car? Are you planning on getting a new one? Have you decided that it is time to sell your car? Well then, do not just jump on the selling scene. Here are the important things that you need to ponder on […]

Car Wreckers Melbourne – Type Of Car Inquiries That Car Wreckers Get In Melbourne.

Type of car inquiries that car wreckers get in Melbourne. Car wrecking business is going strong in Australia especially in Melbourne. Sydney and Brisbane also have fast paced market for used cars, but for the old cars buying and wrecking Melbourne’s market is very competitive. In the recent post we covered what exactly car wreckers do […]

Car Wreckers Melbourne: Getting Rid Of An Old Car Without Ownership

Getting rid of an old, scrap car without ownership Being in car wrecking and car removal business we receive all sorts of enquiries from all over Melbourne, some legit some illegit and some very weird. One thing what people really need to understand that this is not a joke when you call in a car wrecker […]

What Really Happens To Your Car When You Sell It To A Car Wreckers Melbourne

Business Insight: What really happens to your car when you sell it to a car wrecker in Melbourne You probably would be thinking what really happens to a car when you sell it to a car wrecker on a price which no private buyer is willing to make. Especially when your car is in such […]

Sell Car Melbourne – How To Sell A Car Online?

Selling a car online Selling a car in Melbourne can be real hassle. You can post as many free ads as you like, but all the spam calls and messages will waste so much time that you cant imagine. The best way to sell a car is to sell it online, it is as easy […]

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