The Worst Pieces of Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Broken Cars

Broken Cars

A car with broken parts or a vehicle that is hardly working sure is a handful. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and even money. With that, it’s hard not to get help or advice from other people like our family, mates, colleagues, or even fellow car enthusiasts. Except if they’re professional auto mechanics, how will we really know if we could rely on their advice? Sure we can trust them about other matters, but can we truly follow their advice regarding our broken cars?

We, Total Car Collections, have been buying second hand cars in Melbourne for more than two decades now. In those years, we have seen many vehicles that have suffered badly because of poor maintenance and repairs that have gone bad. We have spoken to clients who have heed crazy and wrong advice from people they trust.  With that, we ought to provide you with some of the worst pieces of advice you could get and follow regarding your broken cars.

“Always bring your car to the dealership so you won’t void your car’s warranty.”

In truth, there is never a car manufacturer that tells its buyers not to have their car fixed at local auto repair shops. For you not to screw with the validity of your car’s warranty, just be cautious about the specifics found in your manual.

“It’s okay to have your broken car engine to your trusted mechanic even if he doesn’t have the complete equipment.”

Engine problems are indeed serious matters. And we also know that most of you have your respective ‘mechanics’ you always trust. But when we’re talking about the engine, make sure to have it checked and repaired by someone who at the least has an engine analyser and scan tool.

“It is okay to replace your broken or used auto parts with those unbranded replacement ones.”

It’s true that those replacement or ingenuine ones are a lot cheaper. But if you risk your car’s life on those kinds of auto parts that won’t work as good as the legitimate ones, you’ll eventually end up spending more money on repeated repairs in the future.

“It’s wiser to just fix your broken car over and over instead of buying a new one.”

As buying cars cost a lot of money, we understand how we always find ways to save some on maintenance and repairs. But that shouldn’t always be the case if we really want to be prudent and wise. If your car is broken more often than it is working, maybe you should really consider replacing it already. If you take time in computing the expenses you spend on it per week or per month, you may actually be surprised that it can almost be a monthly payment for a new car.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

If your goal is to save money and avoid more serious problems, never heed to this advice. If you notice something’s going wrong with your car, immediately attend to it, no matter how minor it is. That is the key to proper preventive maintenance.

If your old baby keeps giving you headaches, stress, and expenses, consider handing it over to us, Total Car Collections. We will not only take your broken or wrecked car for free, we’ll even pay you a reasonable amount for it. Yes, you heard us right. You can really trade your broken cars for cash – instant cash, that is.

Or if you are in need of a certain car part for your DIY repair project, ask us. We have a wide inventory of genuine quality used auto parts for all brands and models.

You may speak with our friendly and efficient customer service representatives by dialing  0457 471 397 now. We are here to help you with your broken car needs, whatever they may be.

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