What To Do If You Are Caught Speeding

People commonly feel the need for speed when they are late and impatient, when they are drunk, when they are agitated or in a bad mood, when some other driver bugs or pisses them off, or when they just really feel like it. But whatever your case may be, there could never be an acceptable reason for going over the speed limits. Just because your ride has the ability to go faster, doesn’t mean you should go faster. There is a place and time for everything, like they always say.

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Speeding is probably the top contributor to collisions and road accidents that happen all over the world. With greater speed, the more difficult it is for the driver to prevent an accident. In the same way, the higher the speed, chances of getting more serious damages and injuries are also bigger.

So for everyone’s safety, speeding laws are made and implemented. You can be caught speeding either by an on-road police officer, fixed speed camera, or mobile speed camera. And according to Victoria Legal Aid, you will be charged with an offence in excessive speed if you are driving at a rate of more than 25 km/hr or drove faster than 130/hr. Well, the (slightly) good news is, the prosecution still has to prove that you are actually guilty of it. But if you’ll be proven guilty, depending on the gravity of your offence, you can either get DL demerits, pay fines, lose your license, or worst, get your car impounded.

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Total Car Collections, one of the leading junk car removal and used car buyers in Melbourne, has been in the automobile industry for over two decades now. And we ought to help you by shedding more light into this matter. They say “Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.” So what can you do if you are faced with this situation, especially if you are a newbie driver or first-time car owner?

Here are some of the things you should know and can do if you are caught speeding:

I. If ever you are caught by a fixed speed of mobile speed camera…

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Because you were caught on camera, you wouldn’t know that you are faced with this offence until you receive the penalty/infringement notice. The notice will contain complete details of your offence – where and when it happened, even including a picture. It will also state the demerits you will receive on your driver’s license and then how much fine you should pay (the price depends on the gravity of your offence and traffic history) and when it is due. If you think you really are innocent and if you are not willing to pay the fine, you may opt to go to court. Should you choose the latter, it is best that you seek help from a lawyer or court volunteers. If you are in this kind of situation, just remember:

Pay the fine on or before the due date. There are lots of online and in-person options that you can choose from.
Tell your lawyer or the court office volunteer complete details of what happened. Explain your defence clearly.
Attend court appearances and hearings diligently.
Be prepared on what you’re going to say in the hearing – circumstances of the offence, your driving record, reasons for wanting to keep your license, and even your personal/financial situation.
Should the court place you on an undertaking, be sure to comply with it.

II. If you are caught by a police officer…

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Should there be an officer who has detected that you are driving over the speed limit, he/she will ask you to pull over. Right then and there, he will give you a ticket, records demerit points on your traffic history, and ask you to pay a fine. Depending on how much you have exceeded the limit, they might also suspend your driver’s licence and confiscate it at the roadside. Here are the things you should keep in mind when an officer catches you:

  • Don’t try to escape or outrun the officer. Pull over immediately.
  • Be polite and show your valid licence.
  • Never tell the officer that you don’t know the speed limit or you didn’t notice the road sign.
  • Refrain from charming or making excuses.
  • Ask what your offence was, but don’t deny or argue anymore.
  • If you are determined to try to get out of the situation, ask very nicely. Tell the officer that you are a responsible citizen who has a clean traffic record. Explain honestly why you needed to speed up ‘a bit’. Request him kindly to give you a warning instead.

Even with other traffic rules and regulations, there are many ways to effectively handle or get out of this situation. However, as a trusted cash for cars company and as reputable car wreckers in the country, we still believe that it is best to stop driving at high speeds. Not only to avoid getting demerits and paying fines, but more importantly, to keep you, your passengers, and your car safe. We should use our cars as they were intended to be. All of us should be responsible and make the roads safe.

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