Why Truck Removals Shouldn’t Be Done By Inexperienced Wreckers

Because of accidents and overuse, your truck gets seriously damaged; so you have no other choice but to stop using it. As time passes, it just rusts and rots away in a garage or some empty lot. And as much as you want to save it, (because purchasing it was such a big expense) keeping that old trucks is just turning into a big liability. Now you’ve finally decided that it’s best to get rid of it, ideas of selling or giving it away come into your mind.

Not all truck wreckers are the same. Not all truck removal and wrecking companies depict desirable qualities. And so, choosing the right truck wreckers is crucial.

Doing truck removals are never for the incompetent and inexperienced ones. Regardless of how booming this vehicle wrecking industry is, many people still seem to fall in the trap of dealing with less qualified professionals.
Because we understand how decisive this is, Total Car Collections – one of leading truck wreckers Melbourne – is here to help you realize that dealing with expert wreckers and truck removals are not the best, but the ONLY option.

Should you choose the inexperienced truck wreckers, here are some of the things that might happen:


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If the truck removals and hauling process gets done by mechanics who aren’t really trained and experienced in wrecking, then chances are they’d be committing more mistakes. They’d end up fitting and removing the wrong parts; and most probably, they’d be doing it repeatedly. On your end, you have no choice but to shake your head as you see it.


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If you think that hiring less experienced professionals will save you money, well think again. Your purpose of getting rid of a liability will be defeated. When you hire just anyone to haul off your wrecked truck, you will most likely pay even more labour charges, even 2 or 3 times more. As your truck is bigger and heavier, they will probably request for additional fees.


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In business, wasted time means wasted income. Well, if you decide to hire inexperienced truck haulers, chances are they’d be taking up more of your time than you expected. Because they lack the complete set of tools and equipment, the training, and the experience, it is harder for them to remove your 4-, 6-, or 8-wheeler truck fast.


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Because you chose to deal with those less competent wreckers, don’t expect to get workmanship warranties, on-time guarantees, and pleasant customer service. As they don’t have the luxury of giving those to their clients, you must expect the worst case scenarios.


Going for the services of less popular or smaller truck removal companies, you won’t be assured that they follow strict industry standards, government regulations, and worse, eco-friendly practices. As they usually don’t have the equipment or facility, all the scrap metal and other junk obtained from your old trucks might just harbor even more hazardous materials. There would also be lesser chances of retrieving car parts that are reusable and recyclable.

After all these, would you still opt to work with a less skilled, less equipped, and less experienced professional who buys trucks? Of course the final decision is still yours to make. But always remember, to ensure your business’ welfare, choose only credible and licensed truck wrecking companies like TOTAL CAR COLLECTIONS. We will even pay you good cash for trucks Melbourne.

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