Top 5 Benefits of Having a Dash Cam

Technology has changed the lives of people for the better. New inventions are continuously being introduced to the market and these inventions make our lives easier and more comfortable. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of dashboard cameras.  

What are dashboard cameras and what can they do?

Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are simply cameras that can be mounted on the dashboard of your car. There are different types of dashboard cameras. There are basic dashboard cameras that only record videos when the car is on and there are more sophisticated ones which have the ability to record videos even when the car is off. Basically, the cameras record videos in a continuous loop, so there is no need to worry about adding more memory cards as you travel. Dashboard cameras have long battery life and some even include GPS options.

What are the benefits of having a dash cam?

Dash cams have made it possible to solve car accidents without having to go through conflicting statements of those involved and the witnesses. Because of the increasing number of drivers investing on dashboard cameras, it’s now easier to figure out what happened before, during and after a car accident.

Other benefits of having a dash cam:

  • It can help avoid fraud and help you with your insurance claims.

There’s been an alarming increase in cases where fraudsters would crash their vehicle against another person’s car to be able to extort money. In addition, they would claim to have injuries in order to get money from their insurance companies. Dash cams can greatly help in preventing fraud because it has a record of what really happened.

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  • It helps catch undisciplined drivers

Road rage accidents always happen and they often end up badly. If drivers have dashboard cameras, they can help police catch undisciplined and violent drivers. Since dashboard cameras can record high definition videos, the car plates and other details it can capture can be used as evidence against those who break the law.

  • Dash cams help driving instructors and worried parents

Parents of teens who have just recently learned driving can benefit from dashboard cameras because it can help them keep track of their kids’ behaviour behind the wheel. In the same way, driving instructors can use dashboard footages to further assess the needs of their students.

  • It can help you prevent theft

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As mentioned earlier, there are types of dash cams that still record videos even if the car is off. So if you have to leave your vehicle in an unsafe place due to unavoidable reasons, you have peace of mind that you will have a recording of the happenings around the car, in case it gets damaged or scratched.

  • Helps in monitoring your car

Another benefit of having a dash cam is that, you are able to see what happens to your car every time you drop it off at the local mechanic or lend it to your friends and relatives.


These are the benefits of having a dashboard camera. Newbie and expert drivers benefit from it greatly as it gives them a chance to review their trip in case they need to. If you’re thinking of buying a dashboard camera, make sure you look for reputable manufacturers and do your own research.

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