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Nothing beats seeing your car nice, smooth, and shiny – whether it’s fresh from the dealership, an auto shop, or a car washing and detailing centre. They say when you look good on the outside, you’ll feel better on the inside. That can also be true when we’re talking about our cars. The more beautiful they are, the more we’ll feel better driving and riding it. That’s exactly the reason why taking care of your car’s paint should be one of your top priorities. Apart from wanting it to look good always, maintaining its paint job will definitely pay in the long run. You’ll be admiring and loving your car for a much longer time; you’ll be able to protect it from corrosion; you’ll be able to preserve its metal bodywork; and of course, you would be able to retain its value after a number of years.

As the saying goes, “First impressions last.” This might not actually be a cliché when it comes to getting cash for cars. The very first thing that car buyers see (and look at) is your car’s exteriors. If they see a gleaming and spotless ride, you’d increase your chances of selling it faster and at a bigger price tag.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car removal experts, Total Car Collections is here to help you keep your car’s paint looking as good as new. Car paint is actually brittle and very sensitive to elements. Apart from dirt and dust, there are some things that we (most probably) don’t know could harm a car’s paint job. Apart from regular car washing and waxing, one thing you can do to preserve your car’s paint is to avoid these things that can actually damage it, especially if it is left untreated. They are usually objects, conditions, and situations that we have little or no control of.

WEATHER: Sun, Rain, & Ice

This is actually the top enemy of our car’s paint – the weather. That is why it is really very important to have it rest in a roofed carport or garage. In Australia, almost all cars are exposed to the sun most of the year. So it really is a good thing when you can choose a covered parking space or area that’s shaded. While the sun’s heat can make the paint fade and become very brittle, continuous rains cause bigger chances of rusting. Rain also pulls pollution from the air that’s why instead of it getting washed, your car gets dirtier. And while removing snow from your car can be bearable, removing ice is problematic. Chances are, there’d be scratches from taking out the hard ice on your car.


When bugs get splattered on your car’s bumpers, fenders, and windshields, they leave 2 things: their blood and their carcass. Both can equally harm your car’s paint. Insects’ blood is actually acidic; and so it permanently damages the paint if it isn’t removed quickly and correctly. In the same way, when their lifeless skins or shells dry up attached to your car’s body, they are somehow imprinted on your car’s paint, like a tattoo – making it harder to remove.


We don’t have an explanation as to why birds love to aim their poop at the cleanest and shiniest cars. All we know is that they aren’t just gross and ugly, they also harm our cars’ paint. Bird droppings are also acidic; even some are grainy, too. As you let them dry up under the scorching heat of the sun, it expands along with your car’s paint, leaving it permanently stained and damaged.


Loose stone chips flying away as you drive on asphalt and gravel roads are hard to avoid. However, parking near construction zones can be preventable. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent it from catching sand, loose rocks and pebbles, and other tiny sharp objects that can scratch and put a dent on your car.


As there is nothing wrong with getting your car tank full, filling it up to the brim can actually damage your car’s paint. Not only do spilled oil or fuel leave ugly stains, they also cause your car paint to peel because of strong chemicals.


While we often prefer parking under a tree because of the shade, we might actually harm our car’s paint by risking having a tree sap stick to it. We may not always get tree saps on our car whenever we park near a tree. But if we do, that annoying sticky goo is harder to remove especially on sunny days.


Whether you got it from a nearby automatic sprinkler or a recent rainfall, this might be one of the usual things we fail to see as harmful for our car’s paint. Rainwater for example contains pollution and minerals that make it hard to remove when it dries up. This is the exact same reason why it’s so important to have your car waxed; so that any water will just come sliding through your car body and it won’t leave a mark.


We all know that sand and salt are very abrasive, causing minor car scratches. So when you are going to beach or if you plan to reside in a place near the sea, it is very important to make sure your car is protected. Furthermore, salty air as well as salts used to de-ice roads cause our cars to rust faster.


Some car lovers and experts call this as “dirt doodling”. Dirt (all kinds of it) is like sandpaper on your car. And so writing on your car while it has lots of dirt on it, can actually leave scratch marks. Little kids won’t be able to write and doodle on your car if it isn’t dirty, right? So make sure to always keep it clean.


How many of us are guilty of putting coffee on top of our cars’ roofs? Most of us have done that at least once. Well, should the coffee (or any other acidic and sugary beverage like soda) spill on your car’s body, it’s a lot harder to remove.

Sure these things are mostly unavoidable; but we can definitely do something about it. The important thing to remember is that whenever you experience one of these, be sure to immediately (and properly) remove it. Keep in mind that it is never good to scrub your car even if you’re very determined to remove bird poop, tree sap, or fuel spills. If your efforts don’t seem to cut it, bring it right away to a professional car washer and detailer.

If your used car has too much exterior flaws, if you think it isn’t roadworthy or redeemable, and if it’s no longer the same gorgeous ride you have loved before, Total Car Collections – one of the best car buyers and car wreckers Melbourne – is here to take it from your care. We are more than willing to pay you instant cash for cars no matter how good or bad looking they are. We buy all scrap cars for cash and we offer FREE car removal within Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Call us today at 0457 471 397 and let’s start discussing how much your car is worth.

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