Things You Must Do Right After a Car Accident

Car Accident

Car crashes, fender benders, and all other kinds of car accidents are indeed stressful events that we try our very best to avoid. Even the most skillful and cautious drivers could get involved in one at some point in their driving lives. Unfortunately, these unexpected events happen in the blink of an eye. And once you get that realisation that you are currently in one, your mind will be bombarded by lots of thoughts and questions while you are probably still in a state of shock. So in order for you to avoid adding more possible problems to the situation, it is best for you to know exactly what to do just in case this happens.

If you could easily find hundreds or thousands of tips on how to avoid car accident, we here are Total Car Collections also want to guide you in effectively handling these kinds of situations. As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car removal companies, we ought to provide you a way to easily remember the things you should do right after a car ACCIDENT:

A – Assess the safety and well-being of you and your passengers. Check for all kinds of injuries. Avoid leaving the car without knowing the current state of all the passengers. There’s a chance that you might forget to do this when you get out of the car and deal with other people.

C – Call for emergency help – the police and/or ambulance. As in the case of Melbourne, dial 000 and report what happened. Even if you judge that the car accident is fairly a minor one, it is still best to let the authorities involved.

C – Check if you have cones and warning triangles in your trunk. If you have them, place them in their proper places in order to warn oncoming motorists about the accident. In that way, you are also protecting the accident scene, which is also very important.

I – Inspect and document every single detail in the scene. Take clear pictures of your car, the area, injuries (if any). The more pictures, the more evidence, the better. Remember and write down important details like exact time of the accident, where you were heading, what happened, etc.

D – Deal with the other party/ies involved in a mature and civilised manner. We understand that in car crashes and collisions, there’s a great chance of getting into heated arguments and fights. But do your best to avoid these and just talk to the other party calmly. That is the only way where you can both solve your issues about the accident. Remember to exchange important information like their full name, address, insurance company, contact number, etc.

E – Entrust your situation to your insurance company. Get yourself together before calling them. This will help you not to leave out any detail about your accident. It is also best to call them while you are still at the scene.

N – Never lose all the accident-related papers. These include the police report number, insurance claim number, expense receipts, towing job order and receipts, and the like. All these will help you recover insurance claims. It is also best that you take notes whenever you speak with the police, insurance company, or hospital.

T – Talk to a professional and seek help if necessary. Especially if the accident involves another party, it is best if you get legal help. And whether or not you and your passengers are injured, it is also good that you guys get a check-up to make sure all of you are really okay.

The aftermath from a recent car accident is greatly affected by how wisely, impulsively, or incorrectly handled the situation. So to further protect yourself, it is best that you keep in mind these things. Just remember the word ACCIDENT and what the letters stand for, and you can easily lessen the stress as well as the big dent on your wallet that this road mishap could entail.

If you are thinking, “I want to sell my car because it’s the one that we used when we met that road tragedy…” Not a problem, Total Car Collections is here to take your miseries away. In just one call, we’ll immediately take that vehicle that reminds you of that unfortunate incident. We will not only take it off your hands and provide a fast car removal Melbourne service for free, we’ll even pay you good instant cash for cars regardless of their condition.

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