Why Selling Your Old Vehicle to Car Wreckers is A Smart Choice

“If I finally decide to sell my car now, what would be a wise thing to do?” How many of you have been struggling to answer this question for many times now? Are you still in that dilemma of choosing whether to trade in or sell your car?

Being smart in selling an old vehicle(as well as selling other things) means a lot more than what most of us think. It means not wasting any precious time, even if you know that buyers can’t be rushed. It also means being knowledgeable about the market, being prepared for unexpected situations, and knowing your competition. It means successfully achieving your goals without having to compromise anything.

Total Car Collections, one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car removal specialists, is here to prove to you that over private selling, donating, and trading your car in, dealing with reputable car wreckers would be the smartest choice you’d ever make.

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

You save time

save time

Total Car Collections is among the seasoned and well-established companies in the Car Removal Melbourne market. Thus, professional car wreckers like us won’t waste any time in being picky on the cars we choose to take or customers we’ll deal with. By choosing our services, you won’t need to wait for a long time just for the perfect buyer and price offer to come. After agreeing to our quote, it’ll only take our expert drivers and towers less than 2 hours to pick up that old vehicle from your premises.

You save money

Selling Your Old Vehicle

If you plan to sell your car to a private buyer, you will probably need to spend some money on repairs and improvements in order to make your vehicle more attractive to buyers. The good thing about hiring us? You won’t need to pay for ads or post on car selling websites. We also won’t charge you anything for the removal and hauling off of your car and we guarantee that if you choose us, there will be no surprises. All you have to do is wait for the instant cash for cars we’ll be giving you upon vehicle removal.

You save effort

Selling Old Vehicle

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the easiest and most convenient way of selling their old cars. You need not to exert effort in looking up online car buying and selling sites. You need not talk to a million strangers and offer them your old vehicle. You won’t be stressed about negotiating with penny-pinching clients. You may even choose to dismantle, dress up, or leave your car as it is – whichever way you like it. It doesn’t matter if your car is in the best or worst condition, we will be happy to take them off your hands. By choosing us, you won’t have to move a finger because our car removal service is fast, efficient and reliable.

You save yourself from fraudulent transactions

Total Car Collections has an updated Motor Car Traders License. We are duly registered and recognised in the Car Wreckers Melbourne market. By dealing with certified and licensed professionals like us, you are protected as the primary seller. We won’t be taking your car keys unless we have already paid you in full. And although it is very unlikely, should any untoward incident happen, the company will be urged to compensate you for it. We definitely wouldn’t want the reputation we have built and maintained for more than two decades be tainted and damaged.

You save the environment

Keeping an old vehicle or wrecked car in any indoor or outdoor space badly harms the environment. Total Car Collections is committed to properly dispose and reuse all the parts of your unwanted vehicles. We use strict methods and protocols to dismantle, recycle, and refurbish car parts in an eco-friendly manner. By working with us, you have chosen to protect the environment from hazardous materials that come from old and junk cars.

Remember that whether or not you’ll choose to deal with car removalists, you will still get an amount that is way less than your car’s original value. It’s just that, if you want an absolutely stress-free, secure, and time-saving car removal and selling experience, opting for our services is the SMART choice.

Call us now at 457 471 397. We will be happy to be your chosen car buyers.

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