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Most of us, if not all, have poured our hearts, souls, sweat, and finances into buying and maintaining our old cars. So naturally, we would want to keep, use, and take advantage of it for as long as we could. But in case that dreadful time comes when it’s wiser to get a new one rather than keep our old ride, it’ll leave us no choice but to finally decide to get an upgrade.

I know that I really need to sell my car, but is now the wisest and best time for me to get a new one?” Most people tend to get stuck in this premise because they are getting an upgrade for their necessities; not because they simply want a new one or they’d want an addition to their collection. Of course, they have to be frugal and smart in making that decision.

Same as in life, timing is also everything when buying a new car. If you end up choosing the right time, it’ll eventually save you thousands of dollars. So how will you do that? That’s where we, Total Car Collections, come in. As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers that have been in the automobile industry for more than two decades, we are here to guide you in determining the right time to upgrade your car.

HOLIDAYSHoliday weekend sales are not only applicable for shopping malls, but also for car dealerships. Include Christmas, New Year’s, Labor Day, or any holiday that is known to be really celebrated. The common notion is that people will be spending their money on shopping, giving gifts, and going out, nobody would prioritize buying cars. Because of this, dealerships come up with amazing promos, financing deals, and more. Salesmen would also want to get money for their own shopping funds, so they’d more or less do hard-selling to get that bonus.

NEW CAR MODELS COMING UPWhen you hear news or when you see trending posts about a new car model or variant coming up, dealerships will most likely need to clear up space for those new ones. Thus, they’d have to sell out as many units of the last year’s model as possible. So don’t think that you’re buying an old car, as it’s still relatively new; just think about the great deals and huge discounts you’re getting, and you’ll realize that it’s all worth it.

END OF If we usually great finds in retail stores during end-of-season sales, same goes with dealerships. Buying by the end of the month, quarter, and year, would also bring you great benefits. During these times, salespeople and dealerships are really haggard and pressured to reach their respective quotas. With that being said, they’ll most probably do everything that they can to get those units sold – including giving off large discounts, rebates, freebies, and more.

DO IT ON A WEEKDAYIf you don’t have the luxury of time to wait for the end of the month, the next holiday weekend, or the time when a new car model will be released, then pay your trusted car dealership a visit on a weekday. Weekends are usually the time when a steady number of customers go to car dealers. So if you go to them on busy days like Mondays, you’ll get a better chance of getting a good deal because you might be 1 out of the 3 clients (or sometimes the only one) whom they’ll be meeting and convincing to buy on that day. The start of the week is usually the time when salesmen are really pumped up to make new sales.

If getting the best deal and saving money is your top priority, then carefully plan your date of dealership visit and purchase by using these tips. Know that at the end of the day, the real right time to buy a new car is when you REALLY need it.

Do you want to get additional funds for your car upgrade? Well, this is the right time! Let us help you with that. As one of the reputable and trusted companies in the cash for cars and car removal Melbourne market, we guarantee our clients that they’ll receive top dollar on-the-spot just for choosing us to take their old and junk cars.

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