How to Replace Your Cars Air Filter

Replace Cars Air Filter

For a car’s engine to run efficiently, it needs air – CLEAN air that will be mixed with the fuel. So inferring from its name, it really doesn’t take a genius to know that the air filter is responsible for keeping the dirty stuff (that comes with the air) from getting into the engine.

When you have mastered regularly changing the air filter, it will: prolong your engine’s life, increase your car’s fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. In general, it is recommended to change your air filters every year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and cash for cars companies, we are here to help you with that. Should you want to save yourself from paying professional mechanics or getting services from auto repair shops, as seasoned car wreckers, we can teach you how to do it yourself. It is way cheaper and it won’t take much of your time.

First things first…

If you didn’t think about checking your manual to know what specific kind of air filter you need to buy, don’t panic. Most probably, those shops would have some kind of directory or record that will tell them what kind of air filter to give you, depending on your car’s manufacturer, make, and year model.

Step 1: Locate the Air Filter Box

While the car is parked on level ground (A/T on park and M/T on neutral), open the hood and find the air filter box. It is situated near the engine, along the duct that travels in the front of the car. For cars of newer models, the air filter box are usually square or rectangular in shape. For older cars, they usually have bulky, round covers.

Step 2: Remove the air filter cover

The air filter is tightly secured by clamps, and sometimes even screws and/or nuts. Loosen those, and make sure you keep them aside in a safe and easy-to-remember place.

Step 3: Take out the dirty air filters

Filters are normally round or rectangular in shape, depending on your type of vehicle. They are often made from cotton or paper. To get that filthy air filter, simply lift it out of its housing.

Step 4: Clean the housing

To make sure there aren’t any deep-seated dirt in the edges of your air filter housing, you may use a compressed air hose to clean it out.

Step 5: Time to replace it

Put the new air filter in. Remember to keep the rubber rim facing up. Also, make sure that all the edges are properly sealed.

Step 6: Put the cover back

Put the entire air filter casing back by pressing it down with a little bit of a gentle but strong force. Make sure to tighten back all the screws and clamps you have removed.

If you live in a dusty, polluted, or sandy area, it is recommended to change your air filters more often. If you can’t take note of your last air filter change, it’s best that you just check it regularly to keep your car breathing in clean air. We do hope that this cheap and almost effortless car maintenance task won’t be too much for you to handle; it’s for you and your car’s good anyway.

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