Some people consider buying a car as their biggest investment or greatest achievement in their lives. They saved up for it with their hard-earned money. They allot their time and a “regular” portion of their disposable income to clean and maintain their cars properly. But just in one instance, all of their blood, sweat, and tears can easily be wiped away – because of nature’s wrath. The heavy downpour, strong winds, flood water, and sometimes even hale that goes along with that catastrophic storm can bring a myriad of severe damages to our precious cars.

According to statistics, every year, thousands of Australian vehicles are damaged by violent storms – more particularly in Melbourne. Victoria’s state capital is known for its fickle weather. Locals and residents are used to experiencing lots of hot spells and heavy rains all year round. So if you are new in town or if you have just gotten a new car, make sure to be prepared for those times especially during October – the wettest month in Melbourne.

Total Car Collections has been in the cash for cars and junk car removal Melbourne industry for two decades now. And because of that, we have basically experienced some of the worst natural disasters. And as reputable car wreckers, we are here to help you with tips on how to protect your beloved ride from possible storm damage:

1. Plan ahead. – Even if weather forecasts are not 100% accurate, we can still rely on them. So if there’s news that a storm is coming, it’s best that we do not ignore it. If in case you have a planned trip on that certain day, try your very best to postpone it. Safety first. That saying won’t ever get old.

2. Arrange your car’s shelter during the storm. – If you have planned to stay at home during a storm, make sure that your car will be parked in a covered garage. Double check if your carport or garage is sturdy and durable enough to withstand strong winds and rain to avoid any storm damage.

3. Be smart enough to choose where you park. – In the event that you are already out, never leave your car parked in flood-prone areas, under big trees, near electrical posts, on-going construction zones, and the like. And if you are caught in the storm while driving, be smart. Pull over and take refuge in a gas station’s service bay, mall’s covered parking, or wherever you think is safe. Stay until it’s good and not harmful anymore. Remember, braving a violent storm is never a good idea.

4. Blankets can come in handy. – If you live in an area where your car doesn’t have its own garage or shelter, the best option for you is to keep it where it is. Meaning, a place where you can see from home what is happening to it during the storm. If you think there could be tree branches and other debris that might harm your car, getting a thick blanket should do the trick. This is even better than a normal car cover because it can protect your car from dents and broken glass windows. Just get thick and heavy blankets and tie them down to make sure it’s protecting all your car exteriors from any storm damage.

5. It’s best if your car is insured. – The aftermath of these harsh weather conditions is what’s really stressful; not to mention costly. So if you are a wise car owner, having a good car insurance is one of the best protections. Insurance companies will cover storm damage, hails, floods, and earthquakes. With this, you won’t have to bear all the burden alone.

As we really have no control over these unfortunate climate conditions, we have no choice but to keep ourselves protected at all times. Keep you and your family informed in order to have the time to take necessary precautions.

“I am planning to sell my car that has been severely damaged due to a storm. But no one seem interested in buying it.” If this is your current situation, we, Total Car Collections, are here to make your misery go away. We are a reputable cash for cars Melbourne company that has been trusted by many clients for decades. With us, you enjoy a free and convenient removal of your wrecked car plus top instant cash for your old ride.

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