How to Prevent Your Cars From Getting Rusts

car rust

Car rust is a common issue for car owners; especially for those who are really obsessed about their baby’s bodywork and exteriors. And whether your car is new or old, there is no vehicle that will be exempted from oxidation and corrosion damage. That reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide forms when iron or steel gets in contact with water, oxygen, and other acids.

Apart from making your vehicle unattractive, rust can ruin your car’s body permanently, is very costly to repair, and will even reduce the resale value of your vehicle. And once it starts, the damage can and will spread quickly. So like we’ve always reiterated, in case of car rust, prevention is STILL better than cure!

Because we are junk car wreckers and a we have been trusted cash for cars company for more than two decades, we here at Total Car Collections have handled countless numbers of car rust. Regardless of their car’s model and age, the owners had no choice but to let them go because they have been completely damaged and deteriorated by rust. With that being said, we are here to help you how to prevent your precious car from forming rusts.


Like always, proper and regular maintenance is key to preventing any kind of car problem like car rust. Wash every part of it, inside and outside, and only use automotive soap. Wash even your car’s undercarriage and engine bay. In this case, we will also stress that protecting your car’s paint is the most effective way to avoid rusting. If the paint is well-protected, it acts as an effective shield from elements that will cause your car to rust in the first place.


Never ever let water sit in on your car. This might be quite simple, but most owners are mistaken by thinking that it’s okay for the water in or on your car to let it dry itself. For example, you went on a rainy day and you had to open your trunk for some reason. Of course, parts of it will get wet. Once the rain stops or once you get to a covered parking area, be sure to wipe dry the edges, crevices, and drain holes. That’s when rust really start to form, in those small and hidden places.


Even when you car drain holes are meant to let water exit properly, there are still chances of having accumulated water in those areas. Even if you do not go to car detailing shops often, you may do this yourself by poking all the drain holes – in the doors, engine hood, car trunk cover, etc. Also see if there are any leaves or dirt that are stuck in them. Blocked drain plugs will collect water and eventually cause rusting.

Take extra precautions around SALT

If you live near the ocean or the sea, take extra care and put in more effort to your car for it not to rust. Iron and steel rust rapidly when in contact with seawater because of its electrochemical reaction to the salt’s components. Wash your car and undercarriage more frequently. As an additional expert tip, mix some baking soda with the car soap in order to effectively neutralize salt. Always keep your vehicle in a garage or covered carport. It would also help if you have a weatherproof cover for your car.

Invest in ANTI-RUST products

There are lots of rust protection products that are available in your local auto stores. Invest in them if you want to make sure your car never gets rust. Just apply the anti-rust spray or coating on to your vehicle after a thorough wash


When regularly cleaning your car, it is always important that you keenly check it for signs of rusting – that’s when you see your paint with dark spots, chips, and bubbles. In the event that you see even a single or tiny sign of rusting, address it right away. Like we said, when it starts, it’ll spread out quicker than you think.

Just like dealing with other kinds of car issues, never wait this out or you’ll be regretting this in the future. If you have no idea how to deal with it properly, or if you think you didn’t do a good job in addressing it, get help from a professional right away.

Do you have an old car that has been rusting and rotting in your driveway or garage? Take pity on that sad vehicle and let us, Total Car Collections take care of it for you. We are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car recyclers. We’ll make sure that your old ride will be put into better use instead of just deteriorating there in your home.

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