How To Prevent Car Theft

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, there are two kinds of auto crimes: theft FROM cars and theft OF cars. The first one pertains to car accessories and other things inside your vehicle being stolen either by breaking your windows or by picking your door locks. The latter refer to stolen cars. We bet you wouldn’t want to experience either of the two. As we have painstakingly put in a lot of time and effort in acquiring our vehicles, we would never ever want to deal with any of car theft case.

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The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council stated that  in Victoria alone, the number of motor vehicles stolen has increased by 8% from March of 2016 to March this year. Crimes are unfortunately out of our control. So as respective car owners, what could we do to better protect ourselves and our cars from thieves? We must keep in mind that when talking about crimes, it’s best to think that we’re always dealing with professional ones – those who are really in the business of stealing cars. It only takes a couple of minutes to get your car and sell it individually or by parts.

Total Car Collections has witnessed different kinds car theft cases within our two decades in the used car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry. Aside from being experts in the auto industry, as business owners who are deeply concerned about the welfare of our clients, we ought to provide you with easy-to-remember tips on how you could prevent car theft. Our main goal here is to make your vehicle a less appealing and more difficult target. So here are 8 easy ways to show those professional thieves that your car isn’t up for STEALING:

Secure your valuables.

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Leaving bags, wallets, and gadgets inside your car makes it more tempting for the bad guys to steal it. If you really do need to leave them behind, make sure they are very well hidden in a secure place. Keep them out of sight to avoid both theft from and of your car.

Take your keys with you always.

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One of the preliminary questions a police officer will ask you once your car is stolen is, “Do you have all your keys with you?” Some car owners tend to put their spare keys under the wheel or anywhere under their cars – a big no no. In the same way, if you use a keyless entry remote for your car, never go anywhere without it. If the bad guys get a hold of that, it’s a piece of cake for them to find your car in the parking lot.

Exude how much you care for your car.

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Some say that older cars or those that are “not so good looking” are more prone to theft. The reason? Well, most thieves tend to target cars that are faster and easier to unlock and start. If your car is that good looking and super well-maintained, they will get the impression that because you value your car so dearly, you probably have a car alarm or security gadget installed.

Always consider where you’re parking.

Always be familiar with the place you’re going. Is it crowded? Does the parking area have guards or security officers on standby? Does it have proper lighting? Does it have CCTVs around? You need to have the answers to those questions in order to know where to safely park your vehicle. Also according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, about 48% of cars parked on the streets get stolen. So make sure to be smart in choosing where to park your car. It is also best to have it inside your garage when you’re off the road.

Lock your doors and windows.

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This one should be a no-brainer for all car owners and drivers. But apparently, there are still a lot of people who tend to forget to double-check locked doors. In the same way, you should never leave open windows – even in those hot summer days. At first sight, the thieves might not know your car door isn’t locked. But when a window is slightly open, you just gave them an idea that it’s easy to get inside and steal your car.Invest in high-tech anti-theft devices.With today’s technologies, there are lots of gadgets you can invest in to secure your car’s safety. You can purchase a dash cam; where it can act as a CCTV inside your car. Criminal acts are recorded on the spot. Some can even be accessed live on your mobile phone. You may also purchase a GPS tracking device. Another is an immobiliser tool. Though it can be expensive, it’s a great tool to prevent your car from being stolen. It’s sort of a hidden kill switch that automatically turns off the power supply and your engine.

Never leave your car running.

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How many of you made a quick stop somewhere and left your car running, thinking that you’ll be away just for a few seconds? Well, we probably all are guilty of that. But no matter how fast you think you are, always remember that thieves are keen observers and always ready to take advantage. It will only take a split-second for them to get inside ahead of you. Leaving your car running is like saying that your vehicle is up for grabs.

Get a car alarm.

Should you have no budget to invest in those wallet-denting techy security devices, a car alarm should be your top priority instead. Using giant metal bars or detaching your steering wheels are probably effective but also outdated. So if you’re looking to buy something that would easily make the thieves think twice in stealing your car, get an alarm. They usually have blinking LED lights installed somewhere in your dashboard – making it easier for the thieves to know you have installed one.

Unfortunately, the dangers of car theft and even other crimes are always going to be there. We can’t do anything about it. So the only thing we have in our hands is further protection. So as one of the leading companies in the car wreckers Melbourne market who help the community against car theft cases, our advice is this: don’t think about the expensive costs of getting advance car protection and anti-theft tools. Think that buying those is a lot cheaper than getting a new car. Know that professional thieves today also keep themselves updated on how to crack the latest safety equipment. So you would really have to invest in such high-tech gadgets. Besides, if it’s for your safety, it’s all worth it.

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