Preparations You Need to Do Before Taking Your Car to a Recycling Yard



People who own vehicles that are too old, too rusty, too damaged, and simply too worn to function are left with just a few options in their hands. Because it’s kind of impossible to find a private buyer who would appreciate it and be willing to buy it from you, you can just either donate it or take it to the vehicle removal and recycling yard nearest you.

Even if by choosing the first option, you’ll do some good, the latter isn’t such a bad idea after all. Aside from getting a reasonable amount of instant cash for cars, by doing so, you are also helping the car manufacturing industry and Mother Earth.

Now if your car still technically runs, taking it yourself to the recycling yard is a better way to go. Not only would there be a chance to get more cash for your car, but you’ll be able to prep yourself better to finally letting go of that ride you have once loved and adored.

So as your reputable and trusted car wreckers in Melbourne, we give you here some tips on what you should do before you really take that tired, aged, or wrecked vehicle to the auto recycling yard:

Take the license plate and your personal belongings.

We know that all of us are guilty of leaving personal stuff behind in our cars, even up to a point where forgot that it’s actually there. So set aside some time to check out every nook and cranny of your car – inside and out. It might be okay for you to lose some material things like a hairbrush, a CD, or a notebook. But what if there are things left inside that may contain valuable information like IDs and cards? So those you don’t really want to miss out on.

Also, don’t forget to get your license plates. You might think that you won’t be needing that since you’re scrapping your vehicle. But you need to do this just in case the car recycling company would have some troubles with the paperwork like cancelling your title and such.

Remove valuable parts.

Most of us, if not all, have actually invested in some expensive things for our cars – nice rims, custom leather seats, high-tech infotainment systems, LEDs, HIDs, and the like. So if you really don’t want those to be crushed and recycled along with your vehicle, you might as well take it those yourself. Besides, you may want to use it for your next car or you may sell it individually for you to get more cash.

Gather all the documents.

If the car was handed down to you by your parent or relative, most likely, you would have lost its title or registration papers by now. So if it’s really not possible to get a hold of the official papers that show you have the right to actually sell the car, all you need to do is find an auto recycling or junk car removal service provider that will help you through it. As in our case, other documents or even your driver’s license will suffice.

Do your homework and find the best car recycling company.

Just like we said, it’s best to find the rightful company whom you’ll choose to entrust your beloved ride with. Research well. Know if they have the right licenses and certificates. Verify if they really comply with recycling and EPA standards. Check out their client reviews and know more about their deals and services. And more importantly, get several quotes from different companies. Most likely, the estimates will not really differ that much. But you still have to weigh in all the things you have gathered from your research; don’t just immediately choose the one with the highest offer. Sometimes by doing that, it’ll lead you more to being ripped off because of surprise or hidden charges.

Give your car one last drive.

Assuming your old ride has still got a few miles left on it, do a proper goodbye by giving it a one last ride. This will not only help you part ways with it much easier; but it will also make you use up all the petrol you have left on it. The gasoline is simply a nuisance to car wreckers and recyclers because they will just drain it from your vehicle before the actual wrecking process. So make the most out of that gas.

Be firm with your decision.

Because you have chosen to be the one to personally bring the car to the recycling facility, make sure that you are 101% sure about it. At this point, you must already cut all your emotional attachments to that car and just simply accept that it’s time for you to let it go now. Instead of having a hard goodbye and thinking that it’s about to be wrecked and crushed into smaller pieces, think of it as you are sending it to fulfill a much better purpose in this world – to do good to the car industry, the economy, the community, and the environment.


Are you now ready to take your car to our fully equipped and eco-friendly recycling facility? If you still have some hesitations, speak with our friendly and dependable staff now. The experts at Total Car Collections will be more than happy to provide for your old car disposal needs. Dial 0457 471 397 now!

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