When Do You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil

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As much as we don’t want to admit it, changing your car’s oil is one of the neglected or overlooked maintenance needs. Even if it is actually an easy and cheap thing to do, some car owners get away by delaying this at least once in their vehicle’s lifetime. We all understand how important healthy and clean oil is to our car’s engine, but do we really know when we have to change it?

Because of modern technology and the variety of engine designs, car makers today often recommend oil changes to be done every 3,000, 5,000, or 7,500 miles depending on your car’s size and model. But because it’s technically the owner’s discretion, even though it is stated in the manual, it often ends up being forgotten.

Total Car Collections – one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers – has a team of car experts who have been in the automobile industry for many years. Their common advice is to have it done every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. But just in case, you have lost track, you can watch for these signs or situations that’ll lead you to an impending oil change:

You have been driving mostly in serious conditions

If you are always driving in hot weather, heavy stop-and-go traffic, dusty, muddy, and salty roads, and at low speeds in long distances, it is likely that your oil needs to be replaced often. Consider about every 3,000 miles or even less.

Your engine runs louder than usual

The oil is for the car engine’s health. So if you’re hearing louder engine sounds, first thing you’ll have to check is the oil. Your engine might sound that way because it isn’t lubricated enough.

You can’t seem to remember your last oil change

Forgetting the last time you’ve changed your car’s oil can mean that it was far too long. So if you really have no idea when, get change your car’s oil right away and jot it down, so you won’t have to forget it next time.

Dashboard engine light keeps on blinking

Some modern cars may not have these, but if your baby still has this feature and you can see that the light won’t go away, there might be something wrong with your engine lubricant. Check your car oil dipstick right away, and see if it really is the culprit.

The oil looks gritty and darker

If upon checking your oil dipstick you see it in color black, with some other oily particles, it is a red flag for an oil change. Remember clean and healthy car oil looks somewhat like honey. If it’s your first time to check and it doesn’t look anything close to that, have your car’s oil changed right away.

If your car carries heavy additions

If a vehicle normally does towing, carries around a camper, or has a roof rack, its engine needs enough lubrication always. The heavy weight it carries around all the time definitely has an effect on the performance of your engine. Thus, the need for a more often oil change.


Whether or not you let a professional mechanic do it for you, checking and changing your car’s oil frequently gives the vehicle an opportunity to be inspected and diagnosed if it has any other problems. We must keep in mind that even if religiously doing preventive maintenance could be a pain, we will reap its benefits in the long run. In the future, it could even help us get top cash for cars that we no longer need or those that we don’t have any intentions of getting repaired following a crash. So do your part now.


Total Car Collections is a reputable company in the car buying and car removal Melbourne market. Our car wrecker Melbourne experts and mechanics have dealt with the worst-condition, least-maintained cars you could ever think of. In case you’ll be needing our help, you may get in touch with our friendly and reliable staff at 457 471 397. We will be glad to help you out with all your ‘sell my car’ needs.

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