How Much Do I Need to Pay for Car Removal?

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The day of reckoning has come. You have finally decided to discard that junk car you’ve been keeping for so long. Quite a few options have come into mind – “I could sell my car, take it to a junk yard, donate it, etc.”  And as you fervently prepare for the removal of your vehicle, it’s but natural to think about your budget. Because you truly understand how junk car removal could take time and so much effort, you go on wondering, “How much money do I need to shell out for this?”

Total Car Collections, one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, has been in the junk car removal industry for over two decades. We aim to help you have a clear understanding about the costs of having a used car removed. Actually, we want to tell you that even if you are technically asking for a favor (by having that old vehicle removed), you do have the power to choose how much you’re going to pay for a car removal service. Read on, so you could have a clear picture of what you’re getting yourself into…

Towing and storing a wrecked car is too spendy

Here’s the scenario: Your car has been damaged or totally wrecked from a road accident or collision, and you either have no space to store that wrecked vehicle in or you just don’t want to display an eyesore (especially if it’ll constantly remind you of a tragic incident). You don’t know yet if you are willing to pay for its repairs. You also don’t know if the other party’s insurance would actually help with the costs to restore your vehicle. You basically don’t want to deal with it (yet).

So you decide to: get car towing and salvage yard services. According to, having a car towed can cost you about $35 – 125 if the distance is five miles or less; but if it’s farther, you’re looking at around $125 to $275. Some also say that there are also other towing companies that charge base hook-up fees of between $35 to $100, then they’ll charge you $3 to $5 per mile for the actual distance of towing. Moreover, looking at storing your damaged vehicle in a salvage yard or impound lot will cost you a lot more. Especially if you’re uncertain how long you’ll need the car to be there, your pockets have to be prepared to shell out about $20 tp $30 PER DAY, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle.

Donating your car can be a good idea

The situation is this: There’s a car in your garage or backyard that’s been there for as long as you can remember. No one in your home knows or attempts to know if it still works. No one seems to take ownership or want to take responsibility for it. Everyone thinks it’s an eyesore but no one actually wants to make some effort in having it removed. So you — you’re just fed up to the back teeth. You decide to take care of it yourself.

The consensus is: Donate it to charity. Little do most people know, there are lots of charities around who help folks get rid of their junk cars. If the vehicle is still driveable, they just invest in some repairs, and then resell or use it. If your car is in total wreck, they just get income from selling it to metal scrap yards. Junk car owners like you could enjoy a tax deduction from choosing to donate. Now depending on the charity, if they won’t be able to get the vehicle themselves, you might have to spend a little in having the vehicle transported to their premises.

By hiring junk car wreckers, you don’t need to pay for anything

The best thing about this is: Whatever your situation and whatever the condition of your car is, there’s always a car removal company that is ready to help you. They will provide you a free car body removal service, rain or shine. It won’t cost you anything; but it’ll just boil down to how fast and convenient their services are.

All you have to do is choose wisely. As there are three kinds of junk car disposal companies: (1) There are those who will take your car for FREE, and that’s it. (2) There are those who don’t have the means to haul off your vehicle, so you take it to their yard or facility, but they’ll PAY you for it. (3) Then there are those who provide FREE car removal Melbourne services and they’ll also PAY top cash for your vehicle.

Obviously, the last one is the most logical and convenient thing option, right? Just remember, you don’t have to pay even a dollar to have your old vehicle removed. Also, refrain from those who change their price quotes multiple times as they are not the reliable companies to do business with.

Make the right decision and choose Total Car Collections now

We are a reputable and trusted company in the car removal and car wreckers Melbourne industry. There is no old or wrecked car that isn’t welcome in our state-of-the-art eco-friendly facility. It will take no more than 2 hours for us to easily take that eyesore vehicle off your premises. We’ll pay you guaranteed good cash for cars of all kinds:

You can get $150 – $6,000 for sedans, compact cars, and wagons; $500 – $9,999 for utes, vans, and 4x4s, and $1,500 -$ 15,999 for trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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