Expert Tips on Scrap Car Removal

Owning an old car that’s still running but you rarely use could be totally different from having a broken-down vehicle that has been lying in your garage or backyard for months or even years. While the first one could be easier to sell to dealerships and private buyers, we couldn’t say the same for the latter.

Removing such an eyesore like that rusting and deteriorating car can be time-consuming and a total hassle. Not to mention you’re afraid of even touching or moving it ‘coz you might just end up in a more problematic situation. And because of these reasons, you kept on delaying and postponing having that scrap car removed countless times. Junk car removal experts like us, Total Car Collections, say that it doesn’t necessarily have to be that bad.

Once you get that determination to have it removed, immediately get on with it and follow these expert tips to achieve a stress-free scrap car removal:

Understand laws and restrictions on scrapping cars

Scrap Car Removal

Know what you can and cannot expect from scrap car removal companies in your area. Even if you no longer use your vehicle, there are still some laws that protect your welfare as an owner of a scrap car. By knowing those, you get to save yourself from unreliable car buyers who can make you end up being liable for fines and tickets even after having your car removed. One expert tip: Don’t forget to get the Certificate of Destruction from the car wreckers. Never let them leave without handing that to you. It’ll assure you that you won’t have any responsibility for that car in the future and it can also help you in claiming unused insurance or road tax refunds (if there’s any).

Secure Proofs of Ownership

Proofs of Ownership

Like consumers, reputable companies in the car wreckers Melbourne market also need to protect themselves from from fraudulent transactions. As their way of avoiding theft and stolen car cases, they’d have to make sure that the you have all the right to sell the car or give it away. Thus, it is pertinent that you provide them any document that will prove your ownership – title, vehicle registration, repossession affidavit, your driver’s license, and the like.

Decide if you want to individually sell used car parts

sell used car parts

More often than not, removing and selling some working parts of your old vehicle (before having it taken) can yield better profit. Should you ever decide to do that, be prepared to put in some extra time and effort in dismantling, storing, and advertising them. Remember that if you have no idea how to properly detach the good parts, let a pro do it for you. Just make sure you are supervising the mechanic, as you don’t want him to damage other neighboring parts while doing it. Another expert advice: Never take out the transmission or the engine. You’ll get slimmer chances of getting top cash for cars, as the car body/shell will most likely be treated as scrap metal.

Prep your vehicle and the space for removal

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Retrieve all personal belongings from your car. Even if you’ve not been using that car for donkey years, it is always best to be sure. Cars are also like our houses – they have the tendency to accumulate clutter and other items over time. So check the trunk, glove compartment, under floor mats, etc. You wouldn’t want to realise later that you have left something important behind because you won’t have the chance to get them back as soon as the car removal specialists leave your home. Also secure the license plates, insurance cards, and IDs – these contain vital information which of course you don’t want other people to have access to.

In the same way, make sure that there’s enough room for the wreckers to haul off and dismantle your car; especially if your vehicle is too rusty and breakable. If you have another car that you use, park it somewhere far from your place. Remove anything that could possibly fall off, get bumped, or destroyed during the process.

Select the most trusted scrap car removal company in your area

Total Car Collections

Because you aim to have the most stress-free, fast, and convenient scrap car removal service, go with a company that has been in the car wreckers Melbourne industry for many years. One that is recommended by friends and acquaintances. One that has lots of good customer feedback over the years. Choose them not only because they have offered the highest bid, but also because they care for you as their customers.

You’ll have to exert a little more effort by following these tips. But trust us, at the end of the day, as you reap the real benefits of removing scrap cars, it’ll all be worth it.

To have a worry-free experience and get a good deal for your scrap car removal needs, opt for the services offered by Total Car Collections. We are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers who are willing to remove and pay top cash for cars of all makes, brands, and models – working or not.
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