Total Car Collections has been in the cash for cars Melbourne for more than two decades now. In those 20 years in the automotive history of Australia, we have seen all kinds and brands of car models come and go. Just because a certain car is faster, more modern, or has more unique exteriors, it’ll automatically be loved by many for a long period of time. We have witnessed it; apparently, that isn’t the case when it comes to cars. There have been numerous attractive, cool, and efficient model cars that many auto manufacturing companies have introduced but have sadly ended up not receiving that recognition and sales that they have hoped for.

There could be lots of reasons why a certain car didn’t click. It might be because of poor or wrong marketing strategies; it might also be because of the timing when it was introduced into the market; or it can also be because the competition was simply too tough. Well, on a rather positive note, it is not only the automotive industry that experiences this, but almost all. And sad to say, there is really nothing much that we can do about it. As the experts say, doing business is a matter of smart gambling – you win some, you lose some.

This year isn’t an exception, there had been some amazing car models that just didn’t click in the market. Their car manufacturers simply had no choice but to stop their production this 2017. Let’s take a good at some of these epic car models before we totally erase them from our memories:

1. Cadillac ELR – this car is Cadillac’s first ever plug-in hybrid. Some say that it certainly didn’t click because of its hefty price. Some say it was the bizarre advertising campaign. Too bad, the manufacturer’s goal to impress drivers with its increased power and better handling won’t ever become reality.

2. Dodge Dart – even if they say that this is Dodge’s best small car ever, marketing and selling this didn’t really turn out as they expected. The initial market response was good, but eventually, more people seemed not to like its compact looks and style. Sadly, it also came in a time when many car buyers opted for the taller and stronger SUVs.

3. Honda CR-Z – surprised? No matter how stylish, sporty or cool-looking this gas/electric hybrid car is, Honda decides to stop production because of the not-so-impressive market response. Experts say that maybe people are somehow confused as to whether it’s a hatchback or go-kart-ish sports car. It seemed impractical for people to buy it – thinking if it’s for everyday or occasional use. That is why it was kind of hard for it to find some reasonable number of buyers.

4. Hyundai Genesis – even if Hyundai is currently one of the most improved carmakers in the world, that doesn’t mean they do not experience some setbacks in marketing and selling some of their cars. The Genesis coupe and sedan aren’t exceptions. But even so, Hyundai is decided to improve on the model more and will replace a better version of it in the near future.

5. Volkswagen EOS – regardless of its stylish looks, Volkswagen decides to drop its only compact hardtop convertible car model this year. They simply decided to stick with their brand’s best-seller, the Beetle.

6. Volvo S80 – many car enthusiasts say this Volvo has simply lingered in the market far too long without having any kind of facelift. Sad though, even if it’s Volvo’s spacious sedan, the company has finally decided to replace it with a more elegant and modern one, the S90

Even if we are somehow saddened to see these car models go, we can still take refuge on the fact that the genius carmakers all over the world won’t ever stop coming up with automobiles that fit our styles, needs, lifestyles, whims, and budgets.

Should you ever have a vehicle that seems unrecognizable because of its old age or damage, leave it to us, Total Car Collections. We are one of the best car removal Melbourne companies that have handled cars of all makes, models, and conditions. We’ll pay you top cash for your old ride and will even remove it for free!

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