Easy Ways to Care for Truck & Car Brakes

Deciding to drive a car that you know has brakes that don’t work isn’t crazy; it’s suicide. Car brakes are prone to fading because they’re often overheated and overused. And when they fade, they eventually lose their ability to stop the vehicle; and that’s a scenario you don’t want to happen. So if you want to drive safely, keeping them in the best condition is essential.

If our tyres are the ones that get tired when our cars run, it’s the brakes that do all the work when we want to stop – they keep our wheels from turning. The car brake assembly consists of 5 components – the master cylinder, brake pads, rotor, calipers, and lines. In a nutshell, just make sure each of these is A-okay and working properly, then you’re doing a great job at caring for your car or truck’s brakes.
Total Car Collections – one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers – has come up with a list of ways to easily keep your car brakes in good condition and make them last for a longer period of time:

  • Refrain from doing hard stops.

Car Wreckers

Practice attentive and defensive driving. If you need to stop, do it gradually. Look far enough so you could anticipate when to brake when approaching stop lights, road humps, and even other vehicles that are stopping and slowing down.

  • Avoid Overspeeding.


Heat is the worst enemy of our cars’ brakes. And that kind of heat in the brakes is produced when it works too hard to stop the wheels from turning. Thus, speeding up hurts your brakes more than you imagine. It sure is fun and exciting, but driving like you’re always being chased by a cop is never healthy for your car brakes.

  • Don’t add too much weight to your car.

overloaded car

A heavier vehicle is bad for your tyres as well as your brakes (and gas). If in case you really have to put those roof-top carriers, bike racks, and other heavy stuff, make sure to be smart in pushing those brake pedals.

  • Change the brake fluid regularly.

brake fluid

Don’t just put new brake fluid, flush out the old and used one and then that’s the time to replace it. Some say it’s costly. But by doing this, you’ll actually make your car brakes dramatically work better and last longer. And to help you not to forget this, do it every time you’ll get your car an oil change.

  • Replace brake pads immediately when needed.

 brake pads

When you hear screeching or squealing sounds every time you try to stop your car, that’s a signal that your brake pads are worn out. The longer you shrug off that sound you hear from your brakes, the more piercing the squealing sound it makes. Buying an expensive brake pad doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll last longer so be smart in buying. Choose the one that performs well in wet places, produces no noise, and has low dust production.

Just like car tyres, brakes need inspection, check-up, and replacing from time to time. You just have to be wary of the signals that your car brakes are already due. Well-maintained brakes perform flawlessly, almost unnoticed. So if you hear noises when braking, if you smell a burning odour after braking, or if you push the pedal hard and no braking action takes place, pull over and attend to it right away. Like all car maintenance services, it can be costly. But if your car brakes are always in the best condition, you won’t have to worry about driving smoothly and safely, ever.

If you reckon you’ve had enough of spending for the maintenance and non-stop repairs on your car, consider getting the services of Total Car Collections – a reputable and trusted company in the car wrecking and used car removal Melbourne industry. We have a team of some of the best car wreckers, 4WD wreckers, and truck wreckers in the country who provide top cash for cars regardless of the brand, make, model, and condition. Reach our friendly and reliable staff at 457 471 397.

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