Donate Your Car To A Cause In Melbourne

Want to donate your car to a cause in Australia?

Donate car

There are several ways to donate to a good cause, you can contribute to a cause by paying cash, spending time in promoting or working on the cause or by donating your old not in use cars.

There are many non for profit organizations in Melbourne working for specific causes. Now all of these organizations works on the donations that you provide and will use the money to support it.
The cause could be to provide basic necessities to people in need, like food, clothing, shelter, health and education. Some organizations directly help the needy all over the world and some use the money collected to do a research to find breakthrough innovations for the greater good for the human race.

No matter what they do or how they do it, one thing is for sure they need your help to reach their goals.

We at Total Car Collections also do our part and donate regularly to the cause we believe in. And for other causes we help people of Melbourne to donate their old, wrecked, not in use cars to a specific cause. We do this by providing either free car pickups or by giving away the cash value of your car that we assess to the cause you like.
Today we have compiled a list of organizations which need your help.

Donate your car to people with Disabilities

Sarah Foundation
Salvation Army

Children and teen welfare

Act For Kids
Child Funds
Kids Under Cover
Save The Children




Victoria University

Or for anyother cause you support, you can find a list of donations here.

Your car doesn’t need to be registered if you are donating it to a charity, so at the time of donation, you can take off the number plates and take a refund on your car registration at vicroads.
You can make a donation even if you don’t feel the car doesn’t worth anything. As car wreckers like us can still salvage the metal and reusable car parts and make some money out of it. So you can donate your car wreck after an accident, a non- working clunker sitting at your garage waiting for you to fix it or even the one that you drive everyday.

Please note, we are not part of any of these organizations neither we are their representatives. We just want people of Melbourne to donate more generously. We just help people who want to donate their car to a charity by buying out their old cars for cash and if they want donating to the charity of their choice.

Total Car Collections is Melbourne’s leading car wrecker and we provide free car removal service for the one who want to sell their old, wrecked cars for cash to us.


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