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If you’re in need of reputable car and truck wrecking business, it’s worthy to know that Total Car Collections is offering cash for cars St Kilda. We have multiple services including cash for trucks, cash for 4WD and sell my scrap car for cash. If you need a service provider in the St Kilda area that will take care of all your cash for cars needs, talk to us. We give you instant cash for your cars and trucks, no matter the make, model or condition. We take vehicles that nobody else wants from unused to unwanted junk. We then turn this into instant cash in your pocket upon pick up. If you reside in the St Kilda area, we will come to the location of your car and provide you with the best price for it.


Truck Wreckers Melbourne


Trucks are generally harder to remove, especially if they have been stuck in the same place for years. Truck wrecking requires experts, so you can’t just ask inexperienced people to take out a non-working truck off your property. If you do so, you may be hit with a fine or you may need to pay more for damages caused by incompetent people. We are truck wreckers Melbourne who understand your needs and requirements because we have been in the business for 20 years. Strike a deal with us and you’d wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.


Car Removal Melbourne


Car removal doesn’t need to be expensive. If you have an old, wrecked or scrap vehicles in your garage and you’re wondering if it’s time to sell them, consider the long term benefits of selling them off to wreckers. We offer FREE, fast and expert car removal Melbourne services. Why would you pay car removalists whose mission is to rip you off? Transact with us for free car removal. If you want to donate your car for cash, we are the best people to talk to. To find out more, take a look at our dedicated car removal page.

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Car Removal St Kilda

We are known for being one of the best in the business because of our free car removal service. Gone are the days where you pay for your car to be removed or needing to wait for hours for tow trucks. Give us a call, we take care of it all, for FREE. Don’t worry about the condition or size of your car. Our car removal experts are able to take your vehicles even if they are wrecked, have flat tyres, stuck in mud, not starting or parked in hard to access areas.  You no longer have to deal with inexperienced car removalists who will take advantage of you and charge you without paying for the value of your vehicle. For more information, visit our car removal page.

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Sell my Car St Kilda

We have been selling cars in the St Kilda area for 20 years. When customers are asking themselves, “where can I sell my car for the best price?” we have been there to provide a seamless, end-to-end car buying service. We offer a second to none car sales service in St Kilda that will get you the best price for your car, 4WD or ute. If you know that you can get a good price for your vehicle because it’s well-maintained, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We are the people to talk to as we will beat any other genuine quote. We will consider the investment you have put into your vehicle as well as the cost of maintaining it. Want to find out more? Visit our sell my car page.

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Car Wreckers St Kilda

Get rid of your old, used and unwanted car today! When nobody else wants your car and you’re looking for a car wrecking service, then give us a call, and be hundreds of dollars richer today. 4WDs and utes are also a part of the service. We provide our car wreckers service to all vehicle owners throughout the St Kilda area. Why allow unused vehicle to take up space in your driveway? Our car wrecking service is perfect for those with vehicles that are ready for the scrap heap. Make a call to us today. We will take wrecked cars, recycle them and turn them into after market parts. For more information, take a look at our car wreckers page.

4WD Removal St Kilda

Our 4WD dismantling and removal services ensure that your vehicle will not go to waste. If you are looking for top dollar for your 4WD that is no longer of value, then give us a call. We are the leading truck and 4WD wreckers in the St Kilda area. With our free 4WD removal service, you no longer have to worry about the removal fees, instead, we will pay you for the car before taking it to our base in Dandenong. You don’t need to help us in the car removal process, all you need to do is sit back and relax while we take away the vehicle. The 4WD removal service we offer is the best in Melbourne simply because we understand
For more information, visit our truck wreckers page.

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