Car Wreckers Melbourne: Getting Rid Of An Old Car Without Ownership

Getting rid of an old, scrap car without ownership

Being in car wrecking and car removal business we receive all sorts of enquiries from all over Melbourne, some legit some illegit and some very weird. One thing what people really need to understand that this is not a joke when you call in a car wrecker and book a car to be removed which you don’t own or have rights to be removed.

Legit car wreckers like Total Car Collections follows certain code of practice provided by Victorian Government. As per standard procedure Car wreckers run a thorough background PPSR check on the VIN number of the car and the driver license of the seller to keep everything clean and legitimate.

Any individual who tries to sell a car which he don’t have rights to sell can face strict legal action against him.

Car Wreckers Melbourne

All car wreckers requires following information/ items for each car deal to make a transaction

  • A valid driver license of the seller
  • Key to the car (This proves that the car was in possession of the seller and it is an absolute must)
  • Proof of ownership (Registration or other documents to proof of ownership – These are only required when the car key is not present)
  • The car should not be on finance (You cannot sell a car on finance to a wrecker)
  • The car should not be reported stolen and should have a CLEAN TITLE

So basically car wreckers can buy cars against your driver license and key to the car and if there is any discrepancy after wards you will be the one sole responsible for this and all legal action will be taken against you.

So whenever you are selling your car to a car wrecker in Melbourne you should consider the above mentioned factors.

Often time we have seen cases where a good neighbour is trying to help an elderly neighbour in selling his car, in that case please try to provide license of the owner. In other cases we often receive this comment that the car was here on our property when we bought it and nobody came for it. Even though you think nobody would came for the old scrap car but you still cannot sell it or even give it away for free to any car wrecker. The proper way would be to check the car’s vin number for the ownership or report it to the nearest police station.

Scrap car removal doesnot mean at all that you can get any car sitting somewhere picked up by wreckers and get cash for it. You need to have full rights for the car to sell it or get it removed as per the law.

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