Common Car Engine Problems

Car engines are the most important part of any vehicle. They are designed to get the energy locked in the fuel and then convert it to mechanical and kinetic energy. In layman’s terms, without the engine, your car simply won’t move. With a healthy engine, the car will most definitely run smoothly and quietly, as if effortlessly.

Car engine problems

But what if you suddenly hear knocking or tapping sounds from your engine? What if you feel as if your car is jerking or stalling? What if you smell or see smoke? What if that “check engine” light simply won’t go away? Surely there’s engine trouble (yes, one that we all dread) – it can be simple and it can be serious. And even if these require our immediate and undivided attention, it doesn’t mean that we have to panic.

In order for us to get that presence of mind when we experience these signs of engine trouble, we just have to learn a thing or two about them. As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers, Total Car Collections is here to shed light into some of the most common car engine problems you could face:

No-Start Engine

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It is probably the most common engine troubles experienced by many car owners. Top of mind culprit could be a dead battery; however, it can also be caused by other problems like: ignition switch failure, clogged fuel filter, corroded battery cables, and defective fuel pump.


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When there’s smoke coming out of your hood, you know that your engine is probably overheating. This can be caused by a lot of things though. A car overheats generally because of a low coolant level. You might have a faulty thermostat, dirty air filter, broken radiator hose, clogged radiator, non-functioning cooling fan, coolant leak, or even a defective radiator cap.

Poor Compression

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This happens when the charge of fuel and air cannot be compressed thoroughly; eventually making it hard for the engine to do proper combustion. This is commonly caused by worn out piston rings, a hole in the cylinder, or malfunctioning exhaust valves.

Lack of Spark

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The spark plug plays a critical move in making your car move. Check the spark plug and the wire that’s leading to it. If your car has a weak or nonexistent spark, it may prevent proper ignition and can even cause a misfire – which you don’t want to happen as it could permanently damage your engine’s power and fuel economy.

Bad Fuel Mix

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Some refer to this as having a “flooded engine”. It’s when your engine is getting mostly air instead of fuel. It will cause your engine to stall or not start at all. This might be because combustion does not occur properly, your gas tank has water, or your fuel might be impure. Moreover, if the wrong kind of fuel gets loaded in your tank (putting unleaded in a diesel car), it can cause a serious damage and you may even need to replace your engine because of it.

Car services such as oil change, air filter cleaning or replacement, and tune-ups all help in avoiding these kinds of situations. In addition, it also pays to have your checked regularly so you’d be able to detect problems even before they come up. A well-maintained car will help you get maximum cash once you decide to sell it.

We must understand that as cars accumulate mileage, the chances of experiencing engine problems increase as well. Like people and other things, cars get tired and grow old too. After some time, they won’t function as properly and efficiently as before. When that time comes, Total Car Collections is here for you. We have been in the car removal and car wreckers Melbourne industry for two decades. We will put your broken down, aged, and wrecked vehicle into better use.

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