Car Buyers Melbourne – How to Maintain your Car to Survive Australia’s Summer

Car Maintenance Tips

As summer approaches, we are all definitely busy planning our summer getaway, be it with friends or with the family. With your car with you, driving in different parts of the country will be a leisure time for you. However, as you drive under the Australian heat, it might be lethal for your car. When you hit the road unprepared, this will not play, as you would want it to be. With the long journey ahead of you, you would that you and your car are safe in the road.

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Here are some tips that will help you maintain your car to survive the heat of the summer in Australia:

  • Change oil frequently.

You must change oil every after 3 months or after hitting 3000 miles. With the extremity of the climate, more dusts are getting into the intake, which are then deposited in the oil. If not addressed, it might erode the piston rings or the seals. It would be better to change your oil more often that what the manufacturer of your car had suggested. You should also change your oil filter, as the dirt in it will make it ineffective sooner than you think.

  • Check on the tire.

Every time that you will fill up for gas, you should check your tires. Check the contact pad. It should not be too narrow or bulging. Your tire should be square. They must also be inflated properly. Make sure that the amount of tread that it has is correct.

  • Hoses and Belts.

Before you leave for a trip, inspect your hoses and belts for wear. You should recheck then every time you change for oils. As a precaution, you must buy a replacement in case.

  • Cooling Systems or Radiator.

Monitor the temperature of your engine. You should also inspect if there are leaks. If you were going on a long road trip during summer, it would be ideal to bring with you a gallon of water or some coolant. Always check the level of its fluid.

  • Air Filters.

Every time you change oil, you must inspect your air filter as well. If it needs replacement, do so immediately.

  • Road Assistance.

Before you ever need a road assistance, you must already purchase s road side assitance insurance even when you thought you will never need it. It is better to be safe then sorry

  • Air Conditioners.

When you notice that your AC is not functioning properly, you must get a service for it. Always check for malfunctioning in this part from time to time. Do not wait for the condition to worsen before you have it check by a professional.

  • You should also check your battery regardless of what its type.

Check for ant cracks and any other sign of damage to it.

All these things must be checked before you go and blaze the summer heat in Australia. Also, if your engine start to overheat while on the road in spite of your preparation, you can just pull over and give it time to cool down. Always think of your safety while on the road at Australia’s.


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