Why Does My Car Air Conditioning Smell?

car air conditioning

Whenever we talk about driving and riding comfort, the car’s air conditioning system is probably one of the first things that will pop into our minds. It helps make our ride cool and comfy especially when we’re on the road during those hot summer days. How? Well, it simply whisks away the heat and draws the moisture out of your car interior. At the same time, freon gas is compressed then condensed as liquid before being released into the air as vapor – the exact cool breeze that we enjoy inside the car.

Like any other car part, it is due to wear and tear and in need of proper maintenance. And because we use it every time we ride our cars, instead of being fresh, the cold air that we enjoy is beginning to smell strange and unpleasant. That is your car A/C’s way of telling you that there’s too much accumulated dirt OR there is something wrong with another part of your car.

Total Car Collections takes pride in being in Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car removal company. We have been in the industry for more than two decades and with our expertise in automobiles, we ought to give you a better understanding on why your car air conditioning emits certain kinds of odours. What really are those weird smells and what do they mean?


If the cold air smells musty…

If you turn on your A/C and it gives out a sort of damp and stale odour (think dirty socks or old books), that means mold and mildew are growing in the system. Because A/C’s condenser and evaporator core are enclosed and always moist, it is a perfect breeding ground for mold. If you are used to cranking up the air conditioning to its maximum, the excess water dripping in your unit might have caused bacteria to grow and multiply.


If the cold air smells like gas…

If you feel like you’re in a gas station every time you turn on your A/C, there’s a big chance that your car might have a gas leak. The smell of fuel combines with the fresh air that your air conditioning blows into your car.


If the cold air smells sweet…

If your air conditioning blows out breeze that makes you want to eat pancakes because of its maple syrup-like smell, then, don’t be fooled. That sweet smell is actually toxic. Your antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is leaking in your cooling system. It is detrimental to your engine as it might be coming from your radiator, heater hose, cylinder head, or coolant housing unit.


If the cold air simple smells bad…

The car air conditioning system doesn’t have to emit any kind of odour if it is in its best shape. So if you get some weird, foul, and unpleasant smells from your A/C, that could possibly be because of the different things that have been collected in the air filter. If the air conditioning isn’t cleaned properly and regularly, layers of dirt, dust mites, small dead insects, stagnant water, and debris could accumulate. Thus, when all those mix together, they could give out a bad smell.


After learning about what those different smells from your A/C actually mean, it’s a lot easier to determine what you need to do next. It’s either you need to have your air conditioning system cleaned with an anti-bacterial treatment, fix the gas leak, replace your cabin air filters, or worse, have your engine repaired. But no matter what your situation maybe, just remember that those odours are there to get our attention; so if you want the best for your ride, never neglect those odours/signals and attend to them immediately.

If your old ride has an air conditioning system that doesn’t work anymore or if it’s simply uncomfortable for you to drive or ride in, let us, Total Car Collections take them from your hands. Because we are reputable car wreckers and a trusted cash for cars Melbourne company, we’ll even give you top dollar to help you kick start your fund for a new and comfy ride.

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