How Can I Find the Best Car Buyer?

All people who wish to sell their used cars probably have at least one thing in common: They dread waiting and finding THE ONE. The perfect car buyer. Of course, we are all for the earnings we’d get after the sale. But sometimes, there are some car owners who still care about who they’d be sending their old babies off to.

In any case, you’d end up asking yourself, “If I decide to sell my car now, how can I find someone who’s willing to take it?” You can do all the homework, research online or head to offline car selling channels to advertise all you want. But, what can you really do to increase your chances of meeting and dealing with the best car buyer?

Being one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and seasoned car removal & cash for cars experts, we are here to give you some advice on what you should do not just to find car buyer, but to chance on and attract The Best One.


Follow these tips to let the buyer see that your used car for sale is simply hard-to-resist:


Set a very realistic price

Assuming that you have already researched everything about your vehicle’s current market value, decide a price that is neither too high nor too low. When you set a price that is far higher than your car’s current value, it will be harder for you to convince or even speak to prospective buyers. And if you set it too low, buyers might have the wrong impression that there is a catch or that there could be something wrong about your car.

right price for Car Buyer

Secure complete car records and documents

Apart from an eye-catching shiny ride, there is nothing more important for a car buyer than knowing that the vehicle was well maintained. Secure all papers, receipts, and documents that pertain to your car; and we mean everything. If you have maintenance records, receipts of customisation or upgrade purchases, insurance policies, and the like. These will be your proof that your old ride was very well taken care of.  Seeing those will make your prospective buyers really impressed; and who knows, they might even give you a higher price offer just because of this.

car documents

Show it off BUT be honest

You can have your car washed, waxed, detailed, or even ‘pimped out’ in order to attract more buyers and higher price offers. These would definitely make your car stand out and look good on ads. However, do not prep and dress it up just so you could hide its flaws – like you are selling a fresh and brand new ride while in reality, it is an old car that is no longer performing correctly. First impressions really do count; but remember not to over-splurge on such things just to make it look good on pictures because you might end up regretting it in the future. Moreover, be truthful in composing the captions and descriptions of your car for sale. When your buyers ask you questions, be honest about its true condition. Make them see that you are a car owner/seller that they can really trust.

honest car seller

Handle all price offers well

Entertain all price offers so that you would be able to assess your options later on. Don’t refuse a low offer or accept a higher offer right at the minute you hear them. Think twice or thrice before doing so. In the same way, don’t give false hopes and give promises you can’t keep. Tell them that you’d consider it and will let them know as soon as you’ve made your decision. Don’t make them wait too long. And once you have decided who to sell it to, let all the other hopeful buyers know so that they won’t need to wait for you.

car good price

Be open to other options

There are chances that you will come across a buyer who is willing to trade in a particular car for your old ride. Don’t shrug it off right away.  Look at it first; you might be surprised that what they’re offering is just the car you’ve been eyeing on.

But if you’ve grown really impatient about selling your car and you can’t seem to find the right buyer, consider choosing a reputable company from the used car removal Melbourne market. Like Total Car Collections, they pay good cash for 4WD, cars, trucks and utes regardless of the brand, make, model, and condition.

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