The Biggest Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying a Car

Buying a Car

Planning to buy a car anytime soon? Well, apart from getting your own house, buying a car is probably one of the biggest decisions and investments that you have to make even at least once in your life. But even so, the experience need not be scary or stressful. Like all car buyers, whether first time or not, we don’t want to end up getting ripped off or regretting the car we have chosen to buy. How will you effectively do that? Simple: plan ahead, don’t rush, and avoid doing the biggest car buying mistakes.

As one of the leading car wreckers and best car buyers Melbourne, Total Car Collections is here to help you learn about and avoid making the common mistakes people commit when buying a car:

Skipping your homework

This one is the first on the list because it is probably the biggest and very first mistake you can do as a car buyer. The internet is accessible anywhere and is loaded with lots of information. Thus, there is absolutely no valid excuse for not doing any kind of research at all. It will really help you in making sound judgments and good decisions if you read blogs, articles, reviews, and forums.

Choosing a car you don’t need

Impulse buying is only acceptable when we’re talking about shopping for shoes or clothes. But when this big of a purchase is involved, it is so unwise to put your needs behind. If you base your decision on looks; when optional car features suddenly become necessities; or when you push buying a brand new one when a used car will do – all of these will lead you making the biggest mistakes in getting a new ride.

Taking financing terms for granted

Most car buyers regret this right after making their purchase – failing to plan and be wise about financing deals. When you do not shop around for better loan rates; when you fail to understand the real catch why the car is offered on low or zero down payment; or when you skip lining up for financing before shopping around – doing these will not only cause you to choose poorly, but will also cause a big dent on your wallet in the future.

Never minding the cost of ownership

This one is important as it will lead you to a series of headaches and bigger expenses in the future. If you choose a car without taking into consideration its fuel efficiency, maintenance and insurance costs, or resale value, you’ll end up eventually spending even more than the actual price you have initially paid.

Going without taking advantage of a test drive

When you are rushing to buy a car and when you choose it just because it looks great, there are bigger chances of you regretting your decision. So even if you are buying a brand new or a 2nd hand car, get a good feel and drive it so you could really assess if that is really the one for you.

Not bothering to negotiate

All dealerships add a hefty margin to the car’s price tag in order to make room for their agents to negotiate. So if you do not make the effort to negotiate with that salesperson, you’ll miss your chance of getting big savings. Also, never be shy to request for dealer extras or freebies. Sure they can be as petty as a car mat or any other car accessory, but getting those can still mean saving you a few more bucks.

With the numerous choices, deals, and offers available for us car buyers, we are somehow constantly pressures to select perfectly. We set our expectations too high – stressing ourselves on getting that perfect car at the perfect price. As a result, we easily get depressed or worried that we’ll choose poorly. If we only do our homework and making unnecessary bases for our decision, we will surely get to our goal: scoring a great car that truly fits our needs and makes us happy. Besides, buying a car is something that should be exciting and enjoyable, not the other way around.

Looking for some of the best used car buyers Melbourne? Save yourself the effort and time by choosing Total Car Collections. If you need that extra income when buying a car, we are the best car buyers for your old or damaged car. For the last two decades, we have been reputable for providing our clients with top instant cash for cars.

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