When one suddenly cuts you off, when you weren’t allowed to pass, when someone gets your parking space, when you are stuck behind a slow driver, or worse, when you are given the finger – these are the most common reasons why people get into a road rage. Traffic and road management experts say that road rage is one of the most dangerous weapons one can bring while driving. It poses a big threat to street and highway security. Most cities and even countries view road rage as a criminal act of violence, as it has caused many injuries and deaths.

So if we really prioritise road safety, we should know that it is more than just having excellent driving skills and regular car maintenance. Road safety is also greatly impacted by our attitude. Thankfully, road rage is something that we have total control of. Managing our anger and other unnecessary emotions while driving is the key to avoiding serious mishaps and potentially deadly traffic events. With determination and practice, we effectively avoid road rage.

As a leading car removal Melbourne company, Total Car Collections is here to give you easy tips so you can avoid road rage-related accidents and other altercations. Just keep in mind when driving, Always make PEACE:

Plan every drive ahead of time. –
When a driver is agitated, it’s a lot easier for him/her to get mad. So plan wisely which routes to take; avoid roads that are congested with traffic. Give yourself ample time for travel so you won’t be in a hurry. Don’t be late and make sure you are well rested before driving. Another strong reason why drivers go into road rage is when they are sleepy, tired, and stressed.

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Exercise road courtesy and etiquette. –
You reap what you sow. If you show respect for other drivers, most likely they will do the same. In any situation, be the one who’s mature and understanding. As much as you hate being honked at by other drivers, don’t do it as well. Lay off your horn even if you are really irritated with what the other driver has done to you. When you know you have done a selfish move or mistake while driving, be polite by waving or doing a gesture that will say “I’m sorry”.

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Adjust your driving accordingly –
Many anger management experts say that the very step in practicing control and avoiding lash outs is to stay away from situations that will make you do so. That goes the same for avoiding road rage. Example, when you notice someone is tailgating you, just move over. When someone suddenly cuts you off, don’t retaliate by chasing or outrunning him. Be the one who follows the traffic rules and regulations.

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Calm yourself. –
Always keep your cool. Be the one who avoids eye contact. In trying times when you are faced with arrogant drivers, just shrug it off immediately and take a deep breath. Don’t take everything so personal, and just be the more mature one.You may also use your vehicle’s cruise control feature more often, it’ll help you relax on the road. Good music helps in calming yourself.

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Enjoy the ride. –
Instead of wasting your emotions and ruining your day, enjoy your drive. Look forward to where you’re going or what you’ll be doing after instead of focusing on the bad things that happen on the road. Enjoy the company of your passengers, if you have any. In case you’re on a long trip, set your sights on the beautiful sceneries.

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We can’t really do anything about the rude, arrogant, and stubborn drivers we come across with every once in awhile. It is just up to us on how we’ll react to these people and these situations. Yes, we are all likely to lose our cool at some point. So the best thing to do during those trying times is to put ourselves into their shoes. Just think that they are having a rough time or just really in a hurry. Be kind always. Keep in mind that it’s best to guard our hearts and keep our emotions from getting the best of us.

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