Total Car Collections – Motoring Tips on Avoiding Bald Tyres and Wet Road Accidents

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Accidents in Waiting – Motoring Tips on Avoiding Bald Tyres and Wet Road Accidents

Are your tyres safe for travelling? Are you sure that it can keep you safe on the wet roads? Bald tyres and wet roads are potential accidents that you can encounter. It is just there lurking and waiting to happen. We have been witnessing plenty of rains lately. Weather changes unexpectedly.

The Convenience of Dry Weather to Motorists

It is notable that the dry weather period had extended and we simply get used to it. Some motorists neglect their tyres and forget about checking them. In dry conditions, bald tyres are just fine as they have greater grip on the road. As dry weather continues, it offers motorists the confidence with their vehicles as they can make the most of it during these times.
Going on a wet road with a bald tyre simply invites accidents to happen. Bald tyres have no capability of dispersing water under the tyres. This will result to the tyres riding over the water and completely losing the contact with the surface of the road. This will then limit steering and breaking, that can bring danger to the motorists.

We are living through tough economic conditions. Replacing the set of your tyres is daunting and the price is indeed expensive. However, those price tags cannot compare to how much a life of a person is. Try to imagine being in a situation where you have caused an accident and put someone’s life in danger just because you think replacing your tyre is something you cannot afford. New set of tyres may be expensive but there are alternatives that you can try to get your tyres replaced without having to spend that much.
Here’s a tip that all motorists worrying about the expenses. Try to ponder on this one.

Using Recycled Tyres

If you cannot afford a brand new set of tyres, there is no need to worry. Total Car Collections has a variety of used tyre selections that you can choose from. If you are in need of road worthy tyres with small budget for it, we have the solution for your dilemma. We can give you second hand  tyres for your ride that has the perfect fit and balance them as well. Your budget is not reason enough to put your life and others in danger. Do not let it happen. The solution is right here. We buy old cars for cash from all over Melbourne and take out the good tyres for you.

Check the condition of your tyres regularly. When the time comes that you need to replace it, determine three measurements off the tyre’s sidewall. This is to determine the right size of your tyre for the replacement. Upon you determine the sizes, just contact [Company Name]. Inquire if they have set of tyres in stock of the same size.

If you need assistance in measuring your tyre, we can also assist you. Just visit us at 29 Elliott Road Dandenong South and let our expert technicians assist you in determining the measurement you need. Remember we are Melbourne’s leading car recyclers.

Driving on wet roads with a bald tyre is an accident waiting to happen. Do not let yourself be in that situation. Check your tyres on a regular basis and make sure that it is worthy of bringing on the road whether it is dry or wet season.


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