7 Tips for Kid-proofing Your Car

Kid-proofing Your Car

Some say that you can totally tell whether a person is single or already a parent just by looking at his/her car. Well, there’s no specific explanation for it, but that can totally make sense. Usually in a family car, you may see pieces of toys left behind, crumbs of food (different kinds), crumpled napkins and a whole lot more.

Naturally, the very first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about driving or riding with kids is SAFETY. Keeping your kids safe inside the car also entails you being safe while driving. But other than that, what is really our concern? Almost all parents will agree with us on this: how to keep them busy (while we are driving). The question now is this, could that be possible without them messing up your car? It sure is a tough one, but it is doable. Just like childproofing our homes, there are ways to effectively protect our precious cars from our little ones while keeping them safe AND busy.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and trusted car wreckers, Total Car Collections’ team of experts ought to provide you with easy ways to prevent the early wear-and-tear of your beloved ride caused by our children. Here are 7 tips to kidproof your car:

1:  Place bath rugs inside the car

As it is kinda impossible to enforce the “No Food Inside the Car” rule if you have kids, you might just want to give yourself an easier way to clean up their mess. Put bath rugs on the car seats and even on the carpet to easily gather all the crumbs and spills. Towels or rugs are much easier to clean up instead of those rather expensive car seat protectors.

2:  Use backseat organisers

To avoid the yapping and endless asking of the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”, make sure to bring all the necessary entertainment and activities for your little ones. Using a backseat organiser, you can easily place all your kids’ toys, CDs or DVDs, puzzles, small books, and sippy cups – all those that can keep them busy until you get to your destination. Make sure to bring different stuff every trip so you can be sure they’d be interested to use those when they get inside the car.

3:  Place easy-to-reach trash bins

As its never possible not to have trash when your kids are eating and playing inside the car, try your best to impose a “Put Trash in the Bin” rule to them. Choose and bring a small bin though; one that you and your kids can easily reach and pass around. Be a vigilant Trash Patroller whenever you travel with your kids. You’ll be surprised on how wise they could be in hiding their trash.

4:  Put cupcake liners in all cup holders

Let’s face it. There’s no way in hell that we can see spotless cup holders in our cars when we have kids. There’ll always be all kinds of strange, gross, and ridiculous things placed in them – anything and everything that those little brats could think of. So to make it easier and more pleasant to clean them up, place disposable cupcake liners in them.

5:  Never forget to use window locks and child safety door locks

Our kids will never get tired of tinkling with handles, knobs, and buttons – especially when they’re bored and restless. So to keep them (and you) safe, never ever forget to lock your power doors and windows. And never disable the child safety locks in your rear doors, until they are really old enough.

6:  Invest in good child safety seats

As cliche as it may sound, investing in a car seat for your kid is never a bad decision. Choose one that is super comfortable and well-secured with child-friendly belts. Put a little more of your budget and time on this because lots of parents have suffer from the consequences of choosing just any kind of car seat.

7:  Always be prepared with handy cleanup supplies

Because cleaning up is the most common issue here, be sure to be ready and complete with supplies before you head out. Bring hand sanitizers, alcohol, tissues, wet wipes, plastic bags, and the like. You can never be too prepared, as they always say. Also, if possible, it’s also best that you address the trash, spills, and other messes right away as it will cause an even bigger headache if you decide to postpone it then eventually forget about it after your trip.

All these things are supposed to make your lives as parents (and drivers) a bit easier. Not to restrain them or anything. Because at the end of the day, kids will always be kids. Even if they’re messy and demanding, you just always have to keep in mind that you are on a trip with them to have fun and make memories. You don’t want them remember that mum or dad was always grouchy or a kill-joy whenever your family is on the road, right? So make the most out of it and just think about the aftermath later.

Have an old family car that has been at the mercy of many kids, including yourself? You might want to give it a good rest and let it go now. If you’re asking yourself the question, “should I sell my car?” The answer will always be, “sell it to trusted cash for cars business like Total Car Collections. We are a car removal company that has been in the auto business for more than two decades now. Call us at 0438 942 754 to enquire.

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