6 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for Driving

Most parts of Melbourne experience wet weather ever now and then. While drinking a cup of hot chocolate or singing might be best when it’s raining, driving through it is not as pleasant. Whether it’s a light drizzle or an outrageous downpour, it is a total hassle, not to mention, dangerous. Aside from having poor visibility while driving, the water greatly affects how your car handles acceleration, stops, and turns. This powerful weather condition can turn any kind of safe and fun trip into a unfortunate and hazardous one. Let us give you some helpful tips for driving to avoid any of these unfortunate events to happen.

Total Car Collections has been in the used and junk car removal Melbourne market for more than two decades now. We have witnessed all types of vehicles that have been damaged and totally wrecked because of a road accident during strong rains and storms. With that, we are here to share with you some tips for driving in the rain so you can ensure you and your passengers’ safety.

Before heading out, here are some friendly reminders:

  • See if your headlights are in perfect condition.
  • Check if your tyre treads are deep enough to be driven on wet pavements.
  • Inspect your windshield wipers.
  • Double-check your brakes.

Here are 6 expert tips for driving safely in the rain:

1. Turn on headlights, wipers, and rear glass defogger – All these help you see properly even with the continuous downpour. Without those, you are simply risking you and your passengers’ safety. Never go out in the rain when any of those aren’t working.

2. Think and focus – Most car drivers, especially those who have been driving for most of their lives, normally go out on the road in sort of an “autopilot” thinking. Because they are driving out of habit, sometimes, driving in treacherous situations like this are more risky for them. So if you really do have to drive in the pouring rain, adjust your driving habits, thinking, and behaviour accordingly. Be alert and focused at all times.

3. Never use cruise control – The cruise control feature can be a problem when you are driving on wet roads. It lets your car maintain a steady speed. But in this kind of weather, you don’t need that. You have to be able to manually adjust your speed depending on the situation. It might cause you to panic more during heavy rainfall.

4. Never EVER speed up – If someone tells you that driving quickly through a puddle is safer, tell that person that it’s absolutely wrong. If you move real fast over the puddle of water, your tyres will have a harder time to have a good grip on the road. This makes it more possible for you to hydroplane and lose control of your car.

5. Handle turns and stops well – Adjust your driving habits accordingly. It’s best to always stay in the middle lane because the water’s always deeper at road edges. Always practice gradual braking and turning. Never tailgate and give other vehicles enough space. Avoid driving through moving water or a puddle with uncertain depth. Never do hard stops – if possible, just release your foot from the accelerator if do need to stop.

6. Be prepared on what to do in case you skid – There are more chances of skidding during heavy rains. It’s certainly frightening; but the key to successfully handling it is to stay calm and composed. Don’t panic. Get your foot off the accelerator. Gently and slowly press on your brakes. Never ever slam them. It’ll only make you lose control. Put two hands on the wheel and gradually direct the car to where you need it to go.

Always remember these tips for driving especially during a storm or heavy down pour for you and for everyone’s safety.

Do you have an old or wrecked car that has been in the mercy of severe weather conditions? If you don’t use it anymore, let Total Car Collections take them from your hands instead of letting them rot and rust in your premises. We are a trusted cash for cars Melbourne company. Many clients have entrusted to us their old rides in the past 20 years.

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