5 Fluids You Should Always Check to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

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Regardless of your car know-how, experience, or skill level, anyone could pretty much do one of the most important things you should do as part of your car’s preventive maintenance. That is, to lift your hood and check the essential fluids. Doing so will enable your car to run smoothly on a regular basis, and eventually, you’ll be able to save more time and money on hefty car repair costs.

So either you are a first-time car owner or a mere driver who pays the least attention to car maintenance, as one of Melbourne’s leading vehicle removal companies, we are telling you: you must at least know the basics. It’s a simple task that shouldn’t take much of your time and effort. All that you need to learn is where to look and what to look for.

1. Engine Oil

This is probably the first thing you ever learned about your vehicle – maintaining your engine oil level. After popping up your hood, locate the oil dipstick, wipe it off, and then dip it again. Remove the dipstick once more and now you’ll see its current level. If you own a new and modern car, it is recommended that you check once a month. But if it’s a bit older, check it once every 3,000 miles. Or better yet, refer to your car’s manual to know when exactly you have to check and replace it.

2. Transmission Fluid

This one helps keep your car’s gears move and work smoothly without too much friction. Checking the transmission fluid is just like checking your engine oil, the only difference is that you’d have to check while your engine is running. The transmission fluid’s dipstick is commonly located near the rear of your engine. And more often, it has a label or ring handle that you can easily pull. It’s level should never ever be low. If it is, that’s a serious problem and you have to take it to mechanic immediately. In addition, you’d also have to check its quality – it shouldn’t be brown and dark. It shouldn’t smell burnt as well. It is recommended to check this every month.

3. Brake Fluid

The brake fluid is part of a closed system so it should never be at low level as well. In the same way, it is also important to check how clean it is. Do this by checking out the brake fluid reservoir near the driver side of your car. You can easily see the level just by looking at the container. Then, you’ll know if the brake fluid is clean if it still has a nice golden color. If it’s a bit dark and brown, that’s a sign that you’ll have to flush it already. It’s recommended to have it changed every 2 years.

4. Power Steering Fluid

If this fluid gets to a low level, you must be hearing some creaking sounds or other noises or feeling some resistance in your steering wheel. Its reservoir should be easily located when you pop up your hood. Then without getting your hands dirty, you could check its level just by looking at its container as well. At least check on this once a month, and have it flushed and replaced every few years to maintain your car’s good health.

5. Coolant

This fluid is also known as the antifreeze. This helps protect your engine from running on extreme high temperature. If your coolant level is low, your engine will eventually overheat. Before checking it, make sure that your engine is cool. When it is cool enough, check its level by removing the radiator cap. When you see that it’s low, you can immediately fill it up to the proper level. Just make sure that you put the exact same kind of coolant. You should be able to check it at least twice a year, and have it replaced every 2-3 years.

Apart from saving on repair costs and keeping your car healthy, knowing exactly how to check, flush, and refill these essential fluids will also serve as your protection from those shady auto mechanics who will try to rip you off by replacing your fluids even if you don’t really need it. Even if you have less to zero knowledge about car repairs, at least know this one by heart. Even if it’s an easy and simple task, it sure goes a long a way in keeping your car running smoothly for a long time.

Do you think your car’s condition won’t improve even if it has fresh fluids? Do you want to give up on fixing and maintaining it? If that is your case, let us, Total Car Collections, provide you a way to put your car into good use, even if it’s the very last time. We won’t just remove it for you for free, but more importantly, we will also pay you top instant cash for your car, no matter how old or ruined it is. Get help from some of Melbourne’s seasoned junk car removal service providers by calling this number now: 0457 471 397.

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