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Driving sure is fun; but it can also bring us imminent danger. Whether you’re in a brand new or an old car, heading off to a long trip or just going on with your daily routine, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being too prepared for any kind of roadside emergency.

Total Car Collections has been in the car wrecking and car removal Melbourne industry for over two decades now. We have dealt with all kinds of wrecked vehicles from bad up to the worst conditions because of car crashes and accidents. But the good part is, we can equip ourselves to be ready for those kinds of situations. That is why the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” is still very applicable. Thus, we have come up with a list of things that all drivers – beginners or experts – must carry with them whenever going for a drive. Rain or shine, these are the most important things that you should never remove from your vehicle:

First Aid Kit

This must contain all the essentials that could help you address different kinds of emergencies efficiently; so you wouldn’t need to panic if help isn’t there right away. 

Tyre Care Essentials

You must have a gauge to check your car tyre’s pressure. A spare tyre along with a tyre jack and iron must always be ready. It could also be of great help if you have one of those handy air compressors, just in case a gas station is really far from where you are.

Basic Tool Set

Tools like pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and even those multi-functional knives used for camping are always useful. You could also invest in those seatbelt cutters and window breakers (which should be in your glove compartment by the way, not in the trunk).

Jumper Cables / Jumpstarter Kit

If you’ve failed to check your car batteries and something goes wrong with it, these will come in very handy. It is advisable to have an emergency jumpstarter kit rather than the cables because you’ll never know when an actual good Samaritan will really stop by and help. You could also use those as mobile phone power banks, as well.

Car Manual & Insurance Papers

Should you be a newbie driver, it is always best to rely on your car’s manual. Always keep insurance documents, roadside emergency booklets, and car repair information in your glove compartment.

Map & Compass

It’s true that most cars today, and even our mobile phones, have GPS systems and navigation apps. However, we must always remember that there are still places where there’d be no internet. So these classic items will sure help you find your way even if there’s no signal at all.

Flashlight & Lighter

Should you be stranded in a cold or dark place, these will be your saviors. And you wouldn’t want to rely on your phone’s flashlight. In those kinds of times, you’d have to save your phone battery for as long as you could.

Reflective Triangles & Flares/Torch

Getting help from a dark and deserted place won’t be as hard when you have this. Put the reflective triangles, in front and back of your vehicles and another one near the center of the road, to place a warning for approaching motorists.

Extra Water Bottles

If emergency food isn’t present, having extra drinking water could keep you alive in times of trouble. Remember not to throw away those empty bottles as you could use them for other purposes as well.

Duct Tape

Broken side mirror, detached bumper, or hanging grille? Not a problem. As silly as it may seem, this good old duct tape could be a lifesaver. You’ll actually be surprised by the wonders it could do for you during emergency car repairs.


Getting a hold of all these should be a breeze. Besides, those will be your tools for self-defense and protection in times of car trouble and road travel mishaps. Of course it’s great if you’d never ever have to use them, but knowing that they’re just there in your car makes you travel with more peace of mind.

If in case you have all these car safety gear and emergency kits, but you reckon your car is still unsafe and risky to be driven any longer, give us a call. Total Car Collections, one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, is here to help make sure no one ever rides that wrecked car no more.

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