10 Quick Tips About Car Safety

car safety

Statistics show that 1 out of 4 drivers experience car breakdowns, accidents, and other unfortunate incidents on the road. And according to experts, most of these happen because of human error and negligence. So whether you’re just going to the office, the mall, or out of town, it never hurts to be extra safe on the road. No matter how complete your car is with cool and high-tech car safety features and regardless if your car manufacturer provides 24/7 roadside emergency assistance, it is STILL and always will be recommended to be a little more prepared, cautious, and responsible before heading off to any destination.

Being in the car removal Melbourne industry for more than two decades, our team of expert car breakers, removalists, and recyclers has seen all kinds of vehicles that have been at the mercy of all kinds of road mishaps – minor and serious. Thus, we, Total Car Collections, is here to tell you that the best way to lessen the risks of getting into any kind of unfortunate driving scenario is to practice car safety at all times, at all costs. We give you here 10 quick and easy to remember car safety tips to help you not only secure your road safety, but also to save money, avoid traffic, and help keep a car in good condition:

TIP #1:   Always check your tyres, brakes, and car fluids before leaving. Even if you are confident that you religiously clean and fix your car, it’s always best to make sure your car is in perfect shape (especially if you’re going on a long trip).

TIP #2:   Plan your route well. Avoid places where there could be heavy traffic. Use a mobile navigation app, if possible, so you can avoid roads that are congested due to accidents or other situations. Also, adjust your travel according to the weather.

TIP #3:   Get enough sleep and NEVER drive drunk. We need not explain how important this tip is. If you are someone who isn’t fully aware of this, maybe you shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

TIP #4:   Never go on a trip without a car emergency kit. You’ll never know when an accident or altercation can happen. Having a complete car safety kit handy is your best bet to fight whenever you find yourself in those troublesome situations.

TIP #5:   Pull over and take breaks if necessary. It is just normal to feel hungry and tired when driving. So whenever you feel the need to pull over somewhere to get a bite or take a nap, do it without worries. You can maybe arrive at your destination a little later, but it’s for your safety after all.

TIP #6:   Familiarize yourself with traffic regulations. Road laws are created and implemented for everyone’s safety. Plus, ignorance of the law excuses no one. Thus, it is best if you take your time to learn about the road rules not only in your area but also to the place where you’re driving off to.

TIP #7:   Hide valuables in your car and never forget to LOCK. Bear in mind that thieves are always ready whenever they see even the slightest opportunity. So if you are to leave your car, make sure you won’t give those thieves temptations or reasons for them break in your car and steal your stuff.

TIP #8:   Choose your parking spot wisely. Not only will this help protect you from char theft, but also, it will lessen the risks of having unnecessary dents and scratches on your car.

TIP #9:   Invest in an alarm system or immobiliser. If you have the means to purchase new technology for the safety of your car, don’t think twice on buying it. There are lots of gadgets that could help protect us and our cars – from alarms, locks, dashcams, and more.

TIP #10:   Practice defensive driving always. Your driving habits and attitude greatly impact your safety on the road. If you are cautious, courteous, responsible, smart, patient, and calm while on the road, it means that you are greatly concerned about the safety of your car, your passengers, yourself, and even other motorists and pedestrians.

There are still numerous tips we can share about driving and car safety. However, those 10 are what we deem most important – those that should never ever be forgotten by anyone who is driving. Regardless of your age and expertise in driving, you must take all these to heart. By doing so, you are protecting your life and prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Got an old ride that has suffered enough from many breakdowns and other road emergencies? Do that car a favor and let go of it soon. Hire Total Car Collections. We have been in the used car buying and car wreckers Melbourne market for the last two decades, and we’ll be glad to take your car in our care, for FREE! Ask more about our services and dial 0438 942 754. Our friendly and dependable staff are always ready to be of service.

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